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You must start with your own mind. Then, the nutrition and habits will follow!

The world is missing out on you! If you did not start yet to connect to yourself and your mission.

You are UNIQUE

Imagine – you are the only 1 here on this planet – there is no one else like you with the same thoughts, posts, ideas, and creation – WOW!

Create something bigger than you!  You have the power to do it.  It’s all about service and helping others.

This is what I have done for over 25 years developing within me the passion, resilience, sense of going extra mile to help others, and never ever quit on my dreams. Do they change? Absolutely- they evolve and become different and even bigger.

Our training has changed people’s lives but there is more now. There is the next step that I have taken, because there is always another level and that’s how you know you are growing.

What I have found out through coaching is that most people think that their weight is just an eating problem. But the truth is: is your mind! Your brain tells you what to do, not your stomach – is this a breakthrough for you or what?

You must start with your own mind. Then, the nutrition and habits will follow!

Today I want to challenge you to step into your another level of health. Let’s start with some powerful questions:

1. What are the excuses that are holding on to you that are holding you back?
2. What are the steps that you can start doing every day to shift your day towards a better life?
3. What are the small things that you can stop doing that are hindering your life?

And of course, for those of you who want to start with a great idea of building a first great habit to a better and confident life – start your day with protein. Eat 1 gr. per pound of your body weight. If you already doing it but you feel stuck increase to 1.5 gr per pound, collect all the data, and let’s do this!

No Excuses.

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