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Your beliefs are behavior triggers

Our beliefs show in our daily actions

This amazing message popped into my head as I was approaching the door to my office at 3.30 am today.

I am nuts and a freak but I do not normally get up that early – my sweet and creative spot arrives at 5 am. But today was different… Woke up much earlier and I always give myself the 10 to 15 min window to fall back to sleep. If not I’m up and ready to rock my boat.

Your beliefs… your thoughts are behavior triggers

So if you doubt yourself or fear the unknown or overall feel stuck, is because you do not believe in yourself.

You can not achieve that weight loss you have been dreaming about for years is because your internal beliefs are low and you have not created the lean, strong, and confident vision of you.

So how to overcome this?

What to do and how to put on this gas pedal to drive forward?

Get up every morning and commit to a great self-reflecting Mantra. Something that will inspire you! Say good things about yourself to ignite the day.

Create promises and keep the word – because this will create a disciplined mind and build confidence in you.

Don’t be the browser – be the researcher. By searching you will discover.

Look up and surround yourself with successful people – and learn from them the tools.

Honor the struggle – it is a part of life a part of every discovery.

If you have failed before – I am sure you did and all of us did many times – don’t let this suck the life out of you. Shake it off and keep on plowing forward – this is just a temporary stage unless you convince yourself otherwise.

Invest in yourself – in your mind and your body – eat healthier, take supplements, exercise with the pros @peakphysiqueny.

Change your current ways – obviously, something is not working here.

Don’t be stubborn – if someone successful is giving you a hand – appreciate it and be grateful.

At the end of the day – write your victories! You need them to see what the hell have you been working on and if you diligently did your job.

Life is amazing so be who you desire and deserve to be! No Excuses!

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