Steve and Eva Eckert

Yorba Linda, United States

Steve and Eva Eckert

Yorba Linda, United States

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Imagination Is Everything

15 Aug 2022

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions” – Albert Einstein Visualization is a technique of closing your eyes and picturing yourself enjoying life as you already achieved your goals. Have you ever taken the time to actually do this? Years ago, before I came to the United States, I would visualize […]

Period Exercise

8 Nov 2021

This post is for all the ladies out there! Stay with me till the end and I promise you you will get some valuable information. I have decided to make this post based on my own experience and many of my client’s struggles. When the “time of the month” arrives and you feel like crap, you […]

What Does the Word Discipline Mean to You?

18 Oct 2021

How would you describe the word of DISCIPLINE? What does the word mean to you? Going deep on the meaning of each letter can give you quick, daily guidance to remember what’s important. Before you start reading mine, I would like you to grab pen and paper and write the answers yourself or do it with […]

Start With Your Own Mind

18 Oct 2021

The world is missing out on you! If you did not start yet to connect to yourself and your mission. You are UNIQUE Imagine – you are the only 1 here on this planet – there is no one else like you with the same thoughts, posts, ideas, and creation – WOW! Create something bigger […]

How Our Beliefs Set Our Behaviors and Actions

23 Aug 2021

Our beliefs show in our daily actions This amazing message popped into my head as I was approaching the door to my office at 3.30 am today. I am nuts and a freak but I do not normally get up that early – my sweet and creative spot arrives at 5 am. But today was […]

Honor the Fitness Journey

8 Jun 2021

Our life is a journey- so honor every bit of it. Every single aspect of life is a journey, so if you just started being involved in your fitness ride, try to think of it as it serious unexpected amazing events. If you set your mind for positive emotions, you will receive them, because this […]

Start Your Week With Some Great Intentions!

30 Apr 2021

Let’s begin this week with some great intentions – like commitment to excellence, scaling, positivity, encouragement, and commitment. Let’s commit ourselves to show up and be the best we can be. Tune into now, today, and give it all at 100%. Let’s concentrate on the change that we want and the tasks that must be […]