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Honor the fitness journey!

Our life is a journey- so honor every bit of it.

Every single aspect of life is a journey, so if you just started being involved in your fitness ride, try to think of it as it serious unexpected amazing events. If you set your mind for positive emotions, you will receive them, because this is exactly how the Universe works.

First of all –  be patient with it

Things will not happen instantly. It might take a long time and, once you understand this, it will be easier for you to push forward.

It doesn’t matter where you are now

But where you want to go and be. So the fact that you are just starting does not mean that you always will be here at the start position.
Treat every day as a stepping stone to your next level and develop the skills necessary to do it.
Be a forever student. Your education does not stop when you finish school; it is here for life. Every moment is a learning step for us, if we wanted to be one.

Put your heart  and your soul into this journey

Some people call it obsession, so be obsessed about at least 1 thing. Then do it with full attention, intention, and focus.
Know that the obstacles and set backs will come and that you need to cross them, and figure things out.

Celebrate your victories

As they appear in your life daily, you just need to acknowledge them and bring them to the daylight. Sometimes, we might think they are so small, that we should not count them. But in reality the most tiny spec eventually count day by day will show you the unbelievable outcome.
Enjoy this voyage as much as you can and take the bad things as a message to stop, pose and think.

Have the faith and belief in yourself

No one else can do this for you. It is the unique you that have this ability.
Life is amazing so be who you desire and want to be!
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