Exercise Start Simple And Set Realistic Fitness Goals

We all have goals, how we choose to take them on determines everything about that goal. Our choices determine length of time and whether we succeed or not. My suggestion to this as it relates to fitness is start simple.

Start Simple And Set Realistic Fitness Goals

How to start simple

Starting simple is having an ultimate goal which is the ideal or finished product (body). It is also worthwhile having milestone goals along the way to keep you motivated and on task. One such example would be this; let’s say you’re 160 lbs. and your ultimate goal is to get down to 125 lbs. At first glance this is a huge undertaking especially for someone that’s never done something like this before. Let’s face it! the thought of losing 35 lbs. is very daunting. This is where having milestone goals come in to play. What you want to do is something like this, for the first 6 weeks you set a weight loss goal of 6-10 lbs. Once you achieve the first milestone you set another one for 5-8 lbs. These numbers are lower because as you get fit or more conditioned the process of losing weight becomes more challenging. Once you’re able to achieve your secondary milestone you keep repeating the process until your ultimate goal is reached.

For many of you reading this article this process may seem easy but for those of you that still don’t know where to start I recommend you seek professional assistant. You can visit your local gym and meet with a trainer on how to get started with your game plan. You can also contact me for a free fitness consultation. Please do so by clicking on the contacts page and leave a brief message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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