Lifestyle Spring Into Fitness After Surviving the Winter Blues

spring fitness

Spring fitness is the foundation for a stronger and healthier mind and body, just in time for the summer!

Let’s face it! As the seasons change so does our motivation to work out and eat healthy foods.

The winter months typically lead to seasonal weight gain. The cold weather and the lack of sunlight can make the couch, fast food, and a Netflix binge a daily habit. On the other hand, the spring months are the ideal time to rise up and revisit fitness goals. Outside of being one of the four seasons, the word spring means to rise up.  With three months of spring training, a person creates the foundation for a stronger and healthier mind and body, just in time for the summer.

Of course, a healthy life is a consistent life, but everyone falls off at one point in their journey. The overcomer is the person that finds the strength to reset their life and replace bad habits with healthy ones. The health and fitness journey comes in cycles.

A Healthy Life is Not a Perfect Life!

It is ideal for a person to make an effort to remain aware of their eating and lifestyle habits. They are more prone to know the steps needed to reset and continue on their health journey.  Even still, everyone can use a Personal Trainer for an extra push every now and then.  Even a personal trainer will need another personal trainer at some time in their life.

Build a Strong Foundation!

A personal trainer will help a person understand their body and create SMART goals for a healthier life.  SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.  Whether it is during the Summer, Winter, Spring, or Fall, tackling health goals provides the hormonal boost needed to change from a depressed mood to a more energetic mood.

Hire a Personal Trainer!

It’s okay to need an extra push.  Find a personal trainer that you feel comfortable with. Someone who will respect your goals and help you achieve them.  Today, personal trainers wear many hats.  Some are life coaches and/or sports nutrition coaches. There are so many specialty certifications in personal training.  That is why it is important to shop around for a personal trainer that is trained and specializes in your area of need.

Track your Habits!

As mentioned, being self-aware will help you succeed!  Journal your mood and track your diet for at least three days.  This information will help you and your personal trainer understand the best ways to reach your SMART goals.  This information allows you to accurately track your progress.

Enjoy the Process!

Progress does not happen overnight.  For that reason, it is important to be patient with yourself. Changing your habits will take time.  Enjoy the process of learning your body, learning new exercises, and adopting a new lifestyle.

Just like the seasons, life is a cycle.  Learning to accept the stages of your life cycle is what will allow for peace and progress. The only goal that you have to meet, in life, is the goals that you set for yourself.  Have you set any new goals lately?


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