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Procrastination means setting yourself up for ultimate failure!

When you tell yourself you will start a new challenge, workout, or make a change on new years, you are already setting yourself up for ultimate failure.

This type of goal setting is already showing your procrastination for the task you want to set for yourself. If you really wanted to make a change when it comes to your diet, your workout, or any change for that matter you would make it that day and start to improve daily.

Momentum is like a snowball and momentum can go in a positive or negative way. If it’s a negative snowball you are creating that is one BIG and long hill to push a snowball of negative momentum back up.

The best way to see improvement is to start slowly the day you feel enough motivation to make a change.

I am writing this article on 12/9/2021. So if you start today vs on new years you are a little over three weeks ahead of the people who are going to start on new years. The better you start to feel and look that is a positive snowball you are letting roll down the hill. And when the new years starts and the holidays are gone, you have already seen three weeks’ worth of results. You have nothing to stop you as far as holiday excuses. And you can begin to push yourself even harder than when you started!

It may not seem easy and it might not make sense now. But when you look back on your progress three-six months from now and the people who built that negative snowball by waiting for new years already fell off the decision to start NOW will feel so much better when you push past the feeling of wanting to quit.

It’s not easy to stay motivated. I can admit that even as a fitness coach or health and wellness “expert” with a Master training certification through ISSA I still struggle with motivation. But since I built working out as a daily habit it’s harder for me to skip than it is to not skip.

I start to feel off when I “skip” a day I was going to workout because I know it as a daily habit on x amount of days.

When you start a habit and it’s a healthy good habit it starts to begin to get harder not to follow the habit.

Humans are creatures of habit. So when you build a habit either good or bad it begins a little bit harder to skip a good habit just like it’s easy to keep doing a bad habit. So start TODAY, not in 3 weeks. Today is YOUR day.

Perrys Powerhouse

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