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Once a failure, not always a failure! You just did not find the right diet for you!

I hear this from time to time from people who have failed to lose weight and they think because they failed before they will never be able to lose weight.

Ask yourself a few questions:

Did you start slow?
And did you do enough research?
Did you eat foods you love or did you eat too strict?
Did you focus on cardio vs counting macros?

This is what is wrong with tons of fitness influencers. They tell you to eat X,Y, and Z and you’ll see results! And if you do not eat those foods, you will never amount to anything. But that is WRONG.

Do you know how many pro bodybuilders and fitness influencers that eat very strict develop an eating disorder? It is way more common than they lead you to believe.

I have a story for you, so this blog may be a little bit more than just the answer you are looking for. So if you are looking for just the answer it is: no.

Once a failure, not always a failure! You just did not find the right diet for YOU!

Many years ago, when I became a fitness coach, I was preaching flexibility in a diet.  An online “guru” commented on my Facebook post that I would never be a successful coach and I did not have discipline because I choose to eat with a flexible diet.

Fast forward to five years later, he no longer is a fitness coach and moves furniture for a living.  He has came out and said his strict dieting created a bad eating disorder and burned out from fitness, and then came out admitting to very bad steroid abuse.

I myself am on HRT through my doctor and it’s all monitored. But he was running doses very high and at unhealthy amounts but preaching ” cleaning eating” like he was not destroying his body from the inside out.

I am not here to bash him, that is not the point. But the argument we had proved over time to work out in my favor. I am still an online coach, a very successful one at that. His strict approach lost him his career and almost his life.

Fitness is not and will never be a one-size-fits-all!

And not all fitness “gurus” have it right some just get lean abusing drugs and eating chicken and rice and say they “understand” nutrition and how to fuel your body.

Well if you actually study how the body works and how food works in our bodies you will know that there is no such thing as a clean food or a healthy or unhealthy food.

YES, some foods are more packed with vitamins and minerals but that does not mean you can’t enjoy a cheeseburger or a cold beer. It just means you have to be flexible and it all comes down to being in a healthy calorie range for your body and needs in and out of the gym.

If you have failed in dieting before it does not mean you will fail again. It just means you need a better coach and a diet that works for your lifestyle if you see chicken and rice on your diet plan and its super bland that coach failed you.

Perrys Powerhouse

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