Nutrition Ketogenic Diet and Training

Ketogenic Diet and Training

You have probably heard by now of the ketogenic diet.

You’ve also probably come across some pros and cons about the diet that is sweeping the nation, seen the results of many people’s success and you may have read some mixed reviews along the way. I am here to bust a few keto myths. Who am I?!? They call me Keto Babe. I am a fitness nutrition specialist and a certified personal trainer through NASM.

I stumbled across the keto diet when I was competing and experienced the greatness of clean amazing energy and fat loss like crazy as well as the negative side effects of the keto flu and brain fog from lack of glucose. I did research upon research to find out how to go about the lifestyle in the simplest way to get results without so much struggle.

Here are a few of my top tips:

  • Your body will begin to flush out mass amounts of water on keto, which is usually why most people find themselves losing tons of weight the first week. It’s usually mostly water. This can make people feel sick and tired. Take electrolytes to help stabilize the body and rehydrate!
  • Eat greens! Most people head for the bacon, butter and cheese. This is not the ideal way to eat on a Ketogenic diet. I recommend no processed foods, limited cheese, no dairy, lots of olive oil, sea salt, whole eggs, leafy greens, avocados and meats such as steak, chicken, salmon, etc.
  • Take magnesium baths when you’re going through the keto flu. It will help flush toxins out of your body.
  • Drink TONS of water! A gallon a day minimum.
  • When going through the keto flu, to speed up the process, do lots of weight lifting and cardio to burn glycogen stores faster.
  • Trade out table salt for sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. Table salt is toxic!

For more on eating ketogenic, you can always reach out to me or go like my page on Facebook @ketobabe.

Look forward to hearing about your success!

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