Exercise Just Starting Out in Fitness?

Just Starting Out in Fitness?

Just Starting Out in Fitness?

So you have decided to reach out and get some direction or maybe some extremely much needed help for your fitness. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned workout vet, you may be asking yourself:

‘Where do I start’?

That is the golden ticket question asked by most, if not all. From the trainer’s perspective, I would tell you to not overthink the first step and to ‘just make the step’. That initiation in itself is the hardest to overcome. The first choice is to select a facility or a person to which you can call or go for a conversation. I would say most trainers/gyms have a firm grasp on an initial consultation process, which will include a discussion on finding why you are there and your challenges.

Hopefully, they have a good rapport with you and have a capable person or be a good match for you and your goals. Also, be specific and honest with what you need. I personally like the consultation process. It really gives each party a chance to find if each other are a good fit.  If not, leave, but don’t stop there and don’t take it personally. If the person you are having a serious discussion with won’t address your questions or give you straight answers then you have every right to go to who will.

Guess what, good or bad, on your first consult, you hopefully have a better grasp as to what you are looking for and some answers to questions even you had prior to go in like:

‘What are your goals?’

‘How committed are you?’

‘Do you need extra help and motivation?’

‘Do you exercise better in a group or in a small setting?’

I know, all kinds of difficult questions to answer, but very serious ones that you need to be able to answer for yourself no matter who else is asking. The good thing is that you are narrowing your focus to something specific. One thing here though, don’t let another consult or waiting for your first appointment with your trainer be the stopgap to you starting to exercise. Go for a walk and get moving. If you are more advanced then keep moving.

Enough about you, what about the personal trainer? Prior to working with a personal trainer then ask about certifications, previous clients, their motivation, their ideal client, their exercise practices.  This will give you an insight to relating better with your trainer and be able to ask them questions about your progress a bit easier. It’s very important that their job is to meet your needs and to be able to answer ‘Why’ they are training you a specific way. Don’t just take it at face value because they have a certification that they know what’s right for you.

So congratulations on making the start and again, start moving, every bit pays off. Have confidence that you WILL succeed, because YOU are most important to YOU!

Coach EZ Fitness

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