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We all know that very loud annoying noise in different variations of the DREADFUL alarm clock, am I right?

Unless I am wrong none of us want to wake up by an alarm clock to go do cardio or beat ourselves up in the gym.

Motivation comes once you wipe the sleep from your eyes, put your feet on the floor, and get to moving! And the way you get to that point is with DISCIPLINE for whatever good habit you are trying to build.

Habits can be a good or bad thing; how many people have fallen victim to snoozing alarms? Then before you know it, you have started doing it for months on end every 5 mins for 30 mins straight before FINALLY getting out of bed.

You built a bad habit, and good habits can be built to help with getting you to the motivated point in life you are looking for.

I started a quote that I see every morning that states winners do not sleep in stop being weak. 

I see that every morning when I look at my phone and think about hitting that snooze button just once. But no! Because that will build the very bad habit that I used to have in the morning.

So, is motivation real? 

Yes, but it’s not the first thing you need to work on building. You need to look at the bigger picture of building better habits to then get to the motivation you are looking for!

This is a vital component I teach my clients, as well as listening to positive affirmations. Because, without telling yourself you are successful, look great, and working to be a better you, it will not feel as real! 

Once you make sure it feels as real as possible and you start to see more and more results with building better habits, the discipline helps fuel motivation to keep moving forward when you do not feel like it!

Perrys Powerhouse

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