Lifestyle Is More Actually Better?

Is More Actually Better

Is More Actually Better?

Do we really need more? Is more REALLY better?

More protein, more pushups, more discipline, more macro tracking, more kale (gross), more Vitamin D. We just need more of all those things and we will be healthier fitter, and happier, right?!?

The truth of the matter is: probably not. In medicine, we often say “The dose makes the poison”. This means even life-saving drugs can be life-threatening in the wrong amounts. During this period of social upheaval, the global pandemic of 2020 has really made a lot of us question what we truly need in our lives. There comes a certain point where a constant pursuit of “more” can just become overwhelming. It can actually make one’s life worse instead of better. Even eating too much spinach at once can in fact be poisonous so yes, every good thing has a limit, Popeye…..and we won’t even begin to talk about those forearms.

Many people are having to make cutbacks in their grocery purchases, have lost their gym time, and are struggling with enormous amounts of stress being stuck at home. Now is the perfect time to stop, pause, reevaluate, and reflect on our lives and what we want to be DOING, not just where we want to go.

Maybe you CAN have fun while getting fit and healthy at home without a gym full of $100k in Cybex equipment. Maybe you CAN eat butcher’s special meats, potatoes, rice, and frozen veggies and still be healthy. The truth of the matter is, having a social support system along with a well-designed lifestyle health and fitness plan is truly the most important factor in helping you succeed in your long term goals.

Stop chasing external goals and trendy buzzwords just because others think they are valuable.

Do what you want to be doing, and be who you want to be. Figure that out, then commit, grind, and thrive.

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