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Thigh Gap

Dreaming of Having a Thigh Gap?

If you dream of having a thigh gap, you need to find a new dream.

In a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show back in 2012 several of the models had a gap between their inner thighs, even when their feet were together. For some reason, people noticed this and decided that this beauty standard was the latest and greatest way to hobble women and get them to try to achieve the near-impossible.

Here’s the dirty little secret: thigh gaps have little to do with how much fat a person has on their thighs.

A person who wears a size 0, with narrow hips, and femurs (leg bones) that angle in towards each other will never have a thigh gap because of the way their bones are placed. Although this hypothetical person is thin, the thigh gap beauty standard will be impossible, unless they want to have very invasive surgery.

A person who wears a larger size, with wider hips and femurs that angle straight down, might have a thigh gap, again, because of the way their bones are placed. It’s a genetic thing.

Having a thigh gap is not only impossible for about 95% of women, but it sets a dangerous precedent. No amount of extreme dieting or leg lifting will make a thigh gap an achievable goal for most people. If you have been working on getting a thigh gap for yourself with no success, please place your focus on better goals that are achievable, like all-over fat loss, running a mile without stopping to walk, cooking 7 healthy dinners in a row, etc.

Also remember, in order to lose fat from one’s legs, one must lose fat from everywhere. There is no such thing as “spot reduction”. You can do as many inner thigh lifts as you like, but the body will choose where it wants to take fat to burn for fuel. For most of us, this means our bodies will choose inner thigh fat last. This is because that fat has been there the longest and has hardened, therefore it is harder to break down for fuel. The only way to achieve a smaller body fat percentage is to lose weight all over by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Final takeaway: Having a thigh gap is not a sign of health. It is a sign that one is part of a very small, genetic group.

This should not be a beauty standard. Focus your efforts on more achievable goals like healthy eating and a steady exercise regimen. Your thighs might touch and they might not but neither of those possibilities determines your beauty, health, or worth as a person.

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