Nutrition Hydration 101: Drink Water

Why do I drink water first thing in the morning? To replenish moisture lost through breath while sleeping. When we sleep, each and every breath causes small amounts of moisture to be expelled (picture fogging up a mirror).

We do this every single time we breath making it that much more essential we rehydrate, beginning each day one step ahead.

Hydration 101: Drink Water

Why so much water though?

  1. Healthy Skin
  2. Healthy Heart (decreased resting heart rate)
  3. Removal of waste products (carbon dioxide and lactate)
  4. Stronger muscle contractions
  5. Effective delivery of nutrients and hormones throughout the body

Avoid chugging water if you can. Our bodies can only effectively absorb about a cup of water at a time. Placing less stress on the stomach translates to more energy by conserving energy.

Post-sleep rehydration is also most important especially if beginning your day with a workout or a coffee. I love coffee. However, coffee is a diuretic, meaning it will actually dehydrate the body. Feeding it to an already dehydrated body poses as a straining start to the day, leaving you feeling more tired in the long haul.

Remember water first, then coffee!

Let’s keep it movin’!

Please understand that it is merely a guideline, an outline of sorts to assist in making a formed decision on what it is you may want to accomplish. Small steps towards becoming your best self and enjoying the process while getting there.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy today.

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