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weight fluctuations

Weight fluctuations are not due to gaining fat, but to different other factors.

How many of us have been on a weight loss journey, eating better, exercising — go to weigh in, and boom! Big weight fluctuation and the #’s are up?
Y’all… that’s not unnecessary weight gain from fat.

Did you know?

1lb is equal to 3,500 calories.
So, in order for you to gain 5lbs of fat overnight, you would have to eat 17,500 calories over your maintenance. That’s a lot in a 24 hour period.
These fluctuations are not due to gaining fat. Most of the time these fluctuations are due to:
  • The types of food you are eating
  • The types of exercises you are doing
  • The amount of water you drink
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Lack of sleep
  • Bowel movements (or lack there of)
This list goes on and on!
So unless you had a smorgasbord of food that resulted in a 20k calorie intake in one day –
you did not gain weight from “fat”.

Did you know the average person’s weight can fluctuate up to 5-6lbs a day?

This is one of the hardest things to overcome and rebuild the mind to understand. That scale takes nothing else into account besides your body’s reaction to gravity — period.
This is why when I coach I stress:
  • Progress Photos
  • Measurements
  • Any & All NSV
  • The way your clothes are fitting
  • How your energy levels are
  • How you are feeling
I hate the scale with a burning hot passion. It has inflicted more negativity on the human mind.
So the next time you weigh in & feel defeated ask yourself:
  • Have I been making better choices?
  • Am I incorporating activity & moving my body?
  • Am I fueling & hydrating myself properly?
  • Do I get an adequate amount of sleep?
If you are moving in the right direction — forget what the scale says.
Do not let that fill your head space!
Please be kind to yourself. Don’t put unnecessary stress on yourself (remember stress makes our hormones fluctuate).
Calories in vs. calories out controls our weight. Macronutrient breakdown helps with body composition.

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