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Hazlet, United States

Brian Mahoney

Hazlet, United States

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Why Variety Matters, for Dummies…

5 Oct 2021

“Change things up” “Keeps it interesting” “I want to cover all bases” etc. etc. etc. All of those reasons matter on why you should add a little bit of variety in your workouts. Today I want to go over some other “why’s” and offer you some suggestions on how to sneak some variety into your training […]

The “Core” for Dummies

22 Feb 2021

Ah….the “Core”…the most controversial topic in all of fitness. What is it, and why is it so important? So what is the Core? Ask 10 people, and you will get 10 different answers. Because you are reading my blog, you will get my answer, and no, I’m not going to list a bunch of cool core […]

Posture: The Pre-Requisite to any “Fix”

23 Jun 2020

The subject of Posture is a strange one, to say the least. It’s basically just your positioning habits, and never what people think. It doesn’t “stick” indefinitely, and can change with each step you take. Yes, your body will adapt/mold to your common positions (i.e. desk posture), but there is something you can do about […]

Cardio Part 2

23 Jun 2020

In Part 1 you learned why the commonly maligned “low-intensity” cardio is important. To recap: It can increase your stroke volume (heart health!). It can help you recover from high-intensity exercise, be it during the workout rest periods, as well as after the workout via recovery. It can help sleep and relaxation when combined with […]

Home Workouts 101

4 Jun 2020

I’m going to write this with a focus on resistance training versus pure cardio; as cardio can be done easily anywhere. Read my articles on Cardio (parts 1 and 2) for more.  I wrote this in March 2020, which as you know, was our big freeze in life. Most of us “non-essentials” were all stuck […]

“Cardio” Part 1: Why Low-Intensity Matters

4 Jun 2020

You are going to learn a term that is important: Cardiac Output training. This is your “low-intensity” cardio that most people think is boring and useless. Hopefully, though, you understand why it’s important, and also learn some cool ways to do this by the end. “Cardio” was not cool for a while, especially in the […]

Energy Systems 101 for Dummies

2 Jun 2020

Energy Systems 101:  simplified for you b/c you’re a busy guy/gal! Doing physical work, especially exercise, requires energy! Nothing new there. But the ability to Produce and Use this energy via your cardiovascular and (neuro) muscular systems are the trainable windows in exercise, and this is what you are doing whether you know it or not […]

The A,B,C’s of Exercise Selection

2 Jun 2020

A, B, C’s of Exercise Selection This will be more of a common-sense piece, but I hope you get a little something out of it; namely, ensuring you are picking appropriate exercises in your routine, and not choosing exercises that will hurt you—which is the case more often than not for most folks. Most of […]

How to Begin an Exercise Program

29 May 2020

Right now, the ‘net is being inundated with “cool” exercises that you can do at home: That is fine and dandy, but if you want to take it to the next level and actually learn how to program these in a fashion that actually has some rhyme and reason, stay with me. The by-the-book approach will […]

Exercising for General Health

27 May 2020

We aren’t all big-time athletes who need to be able to run a 40 in under 10 seconds or a marathon in under 3 hours. You might possibly not need to deadlift 3x/bodyweight either. In essence, many of us are just Average Joe’s and not Olympic athletes… We want to do the bare minimum or […]