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Find out the three very important questions in a weight loss journey

But listen, we will not be discussing the same as the usual data and technical details. Too many have been discussed about that already.

What we will discuss today is the simplest way that we, ordinary people, can go with it.

I’ll break it down to three very important questions in a weight loss journey:

  • How weight loss happens
  • How to do it. What to do if it didn’t happen / plateaus issue. How to create a habit and maintain it.
  • A real and permanent solution that you’ve never heard of, I’m sure.
How weight loss happens

It happens when our body requires to burn fuel more than the food we intake in a day. This is called caloric deficit, lack of calories to fuel our body as same as a machine. What will happen is our body as it consumes more fuel in form of calories on our daily activities or exercise, it will tap on reserve fuel in a form of fats or muscle in some instances. If you are surprised that it consumes also muscle we will have a different podcast about that one in the coming episodes.

How to do it?

There are a lot of things, but the first that comes to our mind is doing exercise and becoming active. Yes, it’s true that exercise helps; when it comes to weight loss there are two major things: exercise and nutrition, but exercise will only be 30% and 70% is nutrition. It needs to be evenly planed; you can refer to my first podcast on weight loss and blood pressure where I’ve mentioned what happens when we do too much exercise.

What to do if it didn’t happen

Usually, a lot of us try many things, many techniques, diet types, and nutrition systems. But I’ll tell you my experience working with hundreds of clients: sometimes the main problem is they have a lot of data and info. Every time we are able to watch and read news about new things, we tend to jump on it and try it. What happened is they haven’t completed anything and it doesn’t work, that way we go nowhere. Information is good, but over information is bad and a lot of people gave up because of this. It needs to stop.

How you maintain it and create a habit

A lot of us must admit: we want fast, we want instant… but weight loss is a journey. Many people come to me: hey coach, I’ve lost a lot of weight; after they step out of weight scale they are weak. If we are weak we need energy and we go with food again. To be able to maintain it, I’ll tell you the real secret now:

The real solution is coming from you, and the solution is only you!

Excuse me but not from doctors, not from nutritionists, lifestyle managers, and not from trainers, because only you will be able to know yourself, other professionals will only be a guide. That’s why you and I are different so you need to find which nutrition and exercise work for you and stick with it. Forget about what your favorite Hollywood actor or actress is doing, we focus on ourselves. As we know ourselves, we adjust. If we cannot do it, we adjust again, if we cannot, we adjust again, until it becomes a habit. As I told you before, habit is something that is within us, some tell us not to do it… we feel bad, and no one needs to remind us later on either.

The main solution is that you have your own journal if you are currently in a system, nutrition, or diet plan. Don’t waste time… as you are in already… but with observation, what works, what doesn’t, tendencies, habits good and bad.

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