Lifestyle How to have chocolate and stay fit

Have you been trying to be good but when you see those dark temptations discipline jumps out the window? Worry not because it’s not all black and white. 

Yes, there are increasing amounts of studies showing the positive effect of chocolate and its main ingredient, cocoa. According to Mayo Clinic, studies are showing the Flavanols present in cocoa beans have numerous benefits when consumed including reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering blood cholesterol and blood pressure. But please do not get overly excited! There are still more studies needed to be done to ensure the chocolate is good.

Top tips if you are giving in to the dark force of chocolate and want to stay in shape:

1. Make a clever choice

Flavanols are mainly present in dark chocolate and not so much in milk chocolate so still, choose wisely. If it comes to satisfying your chocolate dreams choose dark organic options and think quality and not quantity. Adding shavings of dark chocolate to fruits can be a great solution and give you much more nutritional value yet still a wonderful dessert.

2. Exercise

Exercise benefitsDiet counts more than exercise. Many think this way and they are not in the wrong. It is undeniable however that we are not plants and this means we are meant to move. Your body will not get fit unless you require it to be. Move and move often, get outside, join a gym, do whatever you enjoy.



Discipline: Where Are You3. Schedule a cheat and deserve it

It is okay to get a piece of your birthday cake, or someone else’s. It might even be not okay to ignore it in some scenarios. Make sure it is not every day and when the time comes you know you’ve been good and served your chocolate fast long enough. (I’m not talking about half an hour or just a day). After staying off it you will appreciate a smaller piece and believe me you will be proud.

I hope this helps for all of you chocolate lovers. I understand it can be hard especially something most of us been treated since we can remember. For more support online or for coaching message me through this link and I will be more than happy to help you become a better you.

Gabor Trapp

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