Exercise Top Tips to Prevent Injuries

As a child, we got away with doing as we please in many situations and I’m not just talking about getting your favorite ice cream just because you were cute. As we grow older we stop getting away with jumping up and down and bending how we want without getting nasty injuries or even being cautious to prevent injuries. Statistics say that it is more common to get a back injury as we bend over to pick up a pen incorrectly than doing heavy deadlifts in the gym.

prevent injuries

That is a sad fact just like the reason behind most of us never been taught how to. When it comes to getting something done your body is unbelievably good at compensating to make you satisfied with what you can do. The thing is most of the time it feels even good until the sacrifices you made to compensate for lack of flexibility and mobility in some parts of the body are too big and starts hurting.

Here are my top tips to prevent injuries and enjoy the magic of moving freely:

1. Learn how you meant to move

A lot of people know how their car runs or how to operate their phone but they can’t understand why their back hurts when they pick up a pen. You can address all movement issues with a good understanding of the mechanics your body meant to have such as what should be mobile, what should be stable and where can these go wrong. A good coach, book or online course can help you to learn the basics.

2. Mobilize 10-15 minutes a dayHow Fascial Stretch Therapy Can Accelerate Your Fitness

Yes, it can be enough if you do it smartly. Massage balls in different sizes and shapes, foam rollers for deep tissue and soft tissue and a whole range of elastic bends can make things a million times more effective if you learn how they can take the pain away and change your life. Talk to a trainer or physio who has good knowledge of how to use these for myofascial release. Order a couple of these tools to make the theme available before bed, in the morning or when you travel. A lot of these come with a guide on how to use them some with even a small travel bag.



3. Eat well, hydrate your body and stay positive

prevent injuriesI know it is easier said than done for most of us. The thing is stress is part of life and whether we are rich and live the dream or struggle to get by day to day we all have different stressors in our lives. A lot of our pains and even disease are related to stress. If we look after what we put in our bodies and our heads, the results will be amazing. Learn how to eat well, limit the bad things and practice PMA (positive mental attitude). You will see how much better you will feel as a result.

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-Gabor fromĀ Make You Better

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