Lifestyle If at First You Don’t Succeed: SMART Goal Setting

Why SMART goal setting is important

When you have made the decision to start down the road to “getting back in shape”, sometimes the potholes slow you down or throw you off track completely. If the road to fitness is anything like Montreal roads at Winter’s end, there are many hazards to stem your forward progress.

smart goal setting

Consider then, the wisdom of the sea voyager

As any sailor will tell you, you need to constantly make adjustments in how you skipper (steer) the boat, taking into account the wind, tides, currants etc. If you start to drift off course, you can simply just make a course correction albeit better sooner rather than later. Once you’re back on your way, it’s easier to stay on course and reach your goals. Don’t abandon your voyage if things get a little rough, just make a slight correction, weather the storm and make every effort to keep to your bearings. You’ll get there eventually.

It’s a process, like many things in life

A plan is better than no plan

A well conceived plan is better, but a really good plan well executed is best. A SMART goal setting approach and a great Coach are the “One-Two Punch” (another analogy) that hits right on the target.

SMART Goal Setting: Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Realistic & Timely

A great Coach can help to give structure to participant needs and objectives and put the SMART into the Training mix. Realistic goals are often a stumbling block for fitness clients. We live in a speedy world, where immediate response, reaction and result is expected. However, a quick fit fix, is simply a stab in the right direction. Unless it’s a movie role or photo shoot (you know who you are) and body beautiful is the immediate order of the day, there is a need to understand the long term process of “fitness” and that it is a lifelong pursuit towards Well-being. If you’ve ever climbed the stadium steps, you know it requires a measured progression of one step (ok sometimes two) at a time, not ten. The same can be said for changes in body composition, performance, strength etc.

So SMART planning for a fitness program, great coaching, persistence and patience with the process is the preferred route. The process can’t take effect until it’s started, so starting the countdown, bracing yourself for the journey and getting ready to blast-off, is fitness plan even Elon Musk might endorse!

Happy Fitness

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