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One major challenge for participants and their trainers is to keep the ball rolling.

Keep The Ball Rolling

The beginning is always beautiful

Motivation is high at the start of a new exercise habit, things usually run smoothly and getting through workouts seems to happen without much of a challenge. However, the litmus test of true commitment and a measure of creative programming comes after the training “honeymoon” is over.

How to keep the ball rolling

Keep it interesting by changing things up often, developing themes or event type challenges as well as plain encouragement when the weather is bad, the season is long or the workload of life is tiresome are all important elements leading to success.

When all else fails in terms of step by step goal achievement for things like weight-loss or event times or strength targets, just maintaining the training habit can be a measure of success in its own right. Falling-off is a problem which can cause a total breakdown in the process of training for health, fitness and performance.

Think February in the North: cold and dark, days (daylight) are short, energy is low and SAD… It’s creeping into everyone’s psyche. Just showing up, at least, keeps the training wheels rolling and that is something to encourage and celebrate.

Keep up the good work!


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