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Find your fitness solutions. Find your Fix Matrix!

I created this chart I call the Find your Fix Matrix and it really is to give fitness solutions to some of the most common challenges I’ve seen my clients face.

So, take a look and see if any could help you realize what options you have available!

Nutrition Challenges

Common Challenges                                 How to Solve Common Challenges

Unsupportive Environment
  • Find a community to support you in your journey
  • An alliance with like minded people
  • A trainer / partner
Family/Peer Pressure
  • A strong “why” not just “I want to lose my stomach” but more “I want to be in shape and healthy so I can look and feel better”
  • Self conviction
  • An alliance with like minded people
Dislike Cooking / Don’t know how to cook
  • Learn easy recipes
  • Find restaurants that align with your goals (chipotle, wawa, etc.)
  • Meal prep Delivery ( Fit prep Meals, Blue apron)
Don’t know what I should eat
  • Check the “ I know what to Eat” Guide
  • Download the 52 High Protein Recipes – 
  • Find Low Calorie or High Protein options to foods you love
Wine / alcohol 
  • Reduce intake slightly
  • 1 glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away
  • Moderation is key
  • Hydrate often 
No time to prepare meals
  • Meal Prep Delivery (Fit Prep Meals, Blue apron)
  • Find restaurants that align with your goals (chipotle, wawa, etc.)
  • Spend 1-3 minutes in the morning going over what you want to eat in the morning
Large Portions
  • Have a large portion of vegetables and fruits
  • Hydrate more throughout the day with low calorie drinks or water
  • Break meals up throughout the day eat 3-5 times
  • Plan ahead and portion each meals with Macros
Eating Out Frequently
  • Choose better places to eat
  • Ensure your food is nutritious and helps you accomplish your goals
  • Don’t eat as much the morning or lunch of and save your appetite and calories for eating out
Sweet Tooth
  • It will diminish over time to not be as rigorous once you adhere to eating nutritious meals
  • Find healthy alternatives 
  • Eat more frequently
Eating Quickly
  • The honest answer is to slow down
  • Enjoy the foods you eat. Add some water to the mix or a Low Calorie alternative
Snacking when not hungry & Cravings
  • Normally happens when bored, emotionally distressed, possibly in social settings
  • Recognize your triggers (Watching tv on the couch, having a bad day, Out with friends) Create a plan to avoid
  • Don’t make bad foods readily available 
Lack of Planning
  • Message your coach
  • Talk to the community about your current struggles
Emotional Eating
  • Not something easily fixed
  • Apart of a bigger mental problem
  • Have an honest conversation with yourself about what you are capable of handling 
  • Get more full from current meals
  • Low Calorie Snack options
  • Hydration 
  • Become an emotional exerciser
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