Trainers 3 Reasons You Need a Fitness Coach

3 Reasons You Need a Fitness Coach

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There is a lot of noise in the Fitness industry and it can be overwhelming taking in the abundance of information that is shown to us every day. From the workout videos to the loose of 20lbs in 30-day programs we see everywhere, it can become a bit much. A lot of times we need someone as a reference to bounce ideas off. Or we need someone to refer to in order to get clarity on a technique or workout. This is where a Fitness Coach comes into play. I refer to myself as a Fitness Coach to stand out of the crowd of Personal Trainers.

A coach is meant to guide you into your journey and to help you avoid mistakes. They have the experience and wisdom to help you cancel all the noise and focus on the habits and activities that will get you to your desired goal.

In fitness, this is big because we all have certain goals that we want to attain. And we expect that every time we work out it will bring us one step closer to this goal. Our time is valuable to us and we want to make efficient use of it at all times.

One of the biggest things that we, as people, get upset about is wasting our time. Rightfully we should be upset if ever we feel as though we wasted time because we can never get time back. To help you avoid wasting time when working out, a coach helps by giving specific instructions to guide you directly to your goal. If your goal is to become stronger with a bench press, running a mile isn’t going to help with that goal at all. If your goal is to lose weight in a certain amount of time, the first thing a coach will talk to you about is nutrition.

Now let’s talk about the 3 reasons you need a Fitness Coach

1. Help you identify bad habits and help you stay consistent

One of the biggest and toughest challenges about fitness and physique is staying consistent and identifying bad habits and building new good ones. A lot of times you may think you are doing alright and that nothing seems to work. It may seem easy to revert back to some old bad habits because it seems easier and like the road less traveled. Maybe you don’t know how to eat less or even have trouble eating more.

The main driver behind all of these behaviors is habits. We start developing them when we are young, when we start a new part of our lives, move to a different location and various different reasons. One tactic I give some of my clients who want to lose weight is to first buy smaller plates. If you are someone who buys paper plates next time you go to the grocery store buy smaller plates, your brain will see the smaller plates and prepare your body to receive only that amount of food over time.

You essentially play a trick on your mind and your hungry can soon diminish. Also drinking water before a meal can help reduce hunger. A coach can help you identify habits quickly just by asking you a few questions. I usually can identify habits within the first 5 mins of a conversation. Then it becomes my job to step in and address those habits and help you stay consistent.

2. Personalize your plan to work for you!

Youtube University is a fantastic tool and you can learn so much from it. The only problem with it is that content creators on youtube focus on views and subscriptions. There are several great YouTubers who produce worthy and notable content that actually produce value, but it isn’t personalized to meet your specific needs. Even if you buy an influencers Fitness Program those aren’t made for your needs.

If you have one arm that is weaker than the other, that generalized program you bought 95% of the time isn’t going to talk about how to correct the imbalance. If you have a medical condition or a limited range of motion, you are going to want to talk with someone directly to get an understanding of how to actually build strength with those limitations. Someone to call or message and get a clear direct answer based on the report you have built. The main factor here is: personalization is everything because everything doesn’t work for everyone.

3. Use a Coach to do all the research and work for you

We all have busy lives and things to do and most people don’t have time to research the metabolic effects of doing high-intensity interval training after weight lifting. If you do have the time to do so, you probably would much rather be sleeping or relaxing. You either have time or money and if you don’t have the time you might as well spend your money.

We spend money on Coaches so they can educate us and give us guidance. If you know nothing when you first start with a coach, by the time you are done, you would be at least familiar with the concepts of exercise based on that particular goal you went for. It is a learning experience to understand your body and how exercising affects it. Everybody can benefit from learning and being educated; this is what a coach does.

There are some people who don’t need the education piece but rather need someone to just tell them what to do and they do it. That’s a big part of what a Coach does. We think about what our clients can do and how it will benefit them so you don’t have to.

I honestly believe everybody needs a coach. I know some personal trainers who have coaches. Also, I know professional athletes who have coaches. If you want to be proficient and efficient in achieving a goal it’s best to talk to someone who knows exactly how to get there so you can save yourself time and get right into achieving.

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