Trainers What Do You Think It Costs to Change Your Life?

What Do You think It costs to Change Your Life

Imagine you are looking for a personal trainer in your area. You find one that is a good fit for what you want to achieve and how you live your life.

If at the end of the conversation he told you he would charge you $10 an hour. What would you think?

At this point you are thinking wow that’s cheap or just $10, what is the catch? You may even end up not going for the deal because you may already know the value of something cheap. If you have ever shopped at the dollar store you know that whatever you are going to buy is either going to break or stop working in weeks or even months. This is because we associate quality with a price tag. If something costs more money that means it has more value. It means is superior to the product or service that is less.

With that being said if a personal trainer made a claim that he/she could help you transform your body, help you get on track with eating the right foods, give you more energy, and help you feel more confident how much do you believe that is worth? Essentially everything that was just stated could add years to your life and help reduce the risks of many different diseases. So what do you think the total value of that is?

I ask this question because I want my viewers to really think and come up with their own answers to what they think the value of a good personal trainer. Ideally, every personal trainer or Fitness Coach doesn’t train every person that asks them because not everybody can train everyone. If one trainer can do it all, then he/she isn’t specialized and what you want is someone who understands you and you specifically.

A vegan shouldn’t go to a meat-eating personal trainer for Personal training because 60% of the battle to meet our fitness goals is nutrition-based.

If there is a vegan personal trainer out their then that’s the trainer that the vegan should find if possible. And because that is a specialized trainer that trainers value increases.

Another example of this is Apple. What other company sells iPhones and IOS devices? And are iPhones cheap? Not the ones we care to talk about, and that is exactly how you should view the trainer you are looking for. Don’t settle for the trainer who knows a little bit about everybody. Go to the trainer that knows a lot about you and what you are going through.

Some trainers don’t know their value and others you can’t even shake them to diminish their value. We are as valuable to you as the service we provide, so if you are expecting high-quality service with amazing results that will help you for the rest of your life then mean what you say and pay what you need.

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