Nutrition Eating Healthy at Social Gatherings

Eating Healthy at Social Gatherings

Eating Healthy at Social Gatherings

Do you have plans when heading to a party and knowing there is going to be nothing except for unhealthy foods there? Eating healthy at social gatherings might be challenging, but don’t cancel just because you are trying to eat healthy and stick to a nutrition plan!

Try this quick and easy tip next time you are in this situation:

Bring a dish to share that is a healthier option

Eat your dish as your main meal and maybe try just a little of some other foods that may look healthier and delicious. Also, try drinking a large glass of water and eat some fruit or small salad before you leave your house. This will help you to say “no thanks” a lot more easily when you get there… and help you to avoid that self-inflicted guilt and upset stomach the next day.

Do not feel guilty about not eating food at the party

You have goals and shouldn’t feel obligated to eat food just because you think someone might be offended if you don’t eat it. If someone asks, just communicate your goals and eating habits to them, most people will understand and leave you be. You might even encourage others to eat a little healthier in the meantime. A lot of times people want to eat healthy but feel awkward choosing healthy foods over the sweet, or not so healthy foods at parties. They might not have the discipline you have either, so if they see you being disciplined amidst all the unhealthy choices you might just help them do the same.

So next time you have plans for a get-together, don’t skip it because of the food choices, give these tactics a try and see how it works for you! And if you do, I would love to hear about it and how it worked for you.

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