Exercise 3 Tips for Staying Consistent with Your Physical Exercise Routine

Is regular physical exercise a part of your everyday routine?

You know by now a lot of the benefits of regular exercise. You may want to be more consistent but can’t work it into your daily routine.

There are a few key things you can start doing right away to develop a habit of regular physical activity.

First, develop a plan you can stick to.

Make a planIt’s important to set realistic and achievable goals that are easy to follow. Things like putting 30 minutes aside for daily exercise, replacing your lunch hour with a brisk walk, or setting the alarm to remind you to stretch.

Making a plan of action and writing it down will keep you motivated and make consistent exercise part of your everyday lifestyle. 

Sharing your plan with a friend or hiring a fitness coach or trainer is a great way to be accountable for your goal. A coach or trainer will also help motivate you to get up and implement your plan daily.

Second, choose activities that you enjoy.

Choose activities that you enjoyIf you’re not having fun, you won’t be consistent regarding exercise. If you hate running, aim to achieve something other than your 5km run this year!

Focus on activities you like, such as dancing, swimming, or even tennis – knowing that you will be doing something you enjoy will make the entire process easier and help you stay motivated. Once you have set realistic goals and found activities you want, you are one step closer to making consistent exercise part of your everyday lifestyle.

What is your favorite way to get active?

Lastly, get competitive!

Fitness ChallengeI know you have a competitive side! Embarking on a fitness challenge is an effective method for establishing a regular exercise routine. By participating in a challenge, you commit to consistently engaging in physical activity for a set duration.

Challenges can help you ingrain physical exercise into your daily routine and develop healthy habits. 

Furthermore, fitness challenges often involve a sense of community, where participants can motivate and support one another, making the process more enjoyable.

Whether a 30-day yoga challenge or a step-count challenge with friends, committing to a fitness challenge can be an excellent way to kickstart your fitness journey and establish long-lasting healthy habits.

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