Lifestyle Confessions of the Mind of an Athlete: Mind State

Confessions of the Mind of an Athlete: Mind State

Principles of the Divine Athletic Law

Principle 1: Mind State

As a competitive athlete, the mind state is the focus element one must develop. This is a form of discipline and habits to understand the mind muscle connection and to be able to focus on particular sport or recreational activity.

“Whatever the mind of man/woman can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

–Napoleon Hill

Fitness and Health starts off with a disciplined Mind State 1. Those that have experienced organized sports at the high school and/or college level understand the aforementioned quote and what it has to offer.

The Mind State is an attitude. A is for attitude, analyze, articulate, and anticipate how you communicate. T is for theory, things and tragedy you must always see. T creates thoughts to think critically and theatrically. I is for incredible, increasing your intellect as you develop a rhythm. T is for tendency working at it timidity for the big treasury. U is for you to unite your thinking unwillingly and very urgently. D is for diversity to devote your time to what you wish to achieve and determine what will be your next line. E is for everyone to be educated to excel the mind to a universe that’s one of a kind.

We are spiritually lazy. We are mentally lazy. We are physically lazy. And we have not realized this fact. Some of us have, but most of us are still living in the fantasy world of illusion. Most of us are responding as media wants us to think instead of taking ownership of our own mind.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste when you have opportunity each and every day to link back to the reality that you must have balance in health, fitness, spirituality and mental awareness. You must re-correct your being and the elements of life.

The problem is exposed. Why this has happened is because we are slaves to our feelings and emotions. We must learn to better understand these feelings and emotions by controlling our efforts and communicating them with others. Therefore, we can teach each other and expect a better outcome by acting on the problem instead of given it to others to take care of it for us.

We have lost some of the ways of old. We have fallen off the truck and drifted into the pharmaceutical world of pills and potions which has caused us to adopt a pop-a-pill mentality. The notion that a pill will take care of everything reminds me of the movie Limitless. This mentality has corrupted this society far too long. We have forgotten about exercise or movement of the body that functions within an athlete’s ability. I’m not saying you have to be Michael Phelps or LeBron James or anything remotely. Yet, I am sure that you must be able to function and be active. One must also understand it is a difference between Health and Fitness. Most of us believe Professional Athletes are Healthy. This might be the biggest lie in the industry. They may be fit, but a large percentage of Professional Athletes eventually live with horrible health.

Health defined: the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor. Fitness defined: capability of the body of distributing inhaled oxygen to muscle tissue during increased physical effort.

We are a fast paced culture that wants results right away. But we have forgotten about work ethic. Health and Fitness connected with cannabis have been undervalued in the American Culture and around the world.

Here, is a great part of the solution that I have incorporated into my athletic career. As a Responsible Athlete, and not advocating that the youth use Cannabis – but to confront the idea that we are acceptable of prescription pharmaceuticals that are killing our youth and adults.

Cannabis has helped me to keep the focus I need for my particular exercises and workout programs. Yeah, we all have heard that cannabis is bad and it’s a drug which we should avoid. We have been recently studying and researching that Cannabis has more benefits for Athletes and non-Athletes than we think.

Living as an athlete and focusing on my health and fitness with Cannabis use has been my mission. I have allowed the essence of the Cannabis Plant to assist me in opening my mind via the pineal gland to focus my attention to my particular sport or recreational activity. Cannabis has been my link back to spirituality as well as communicating with my fellow woman and man about issues that really matter.

I am not a scientist, but I can say that we have a system in our bodies that is called the human endocannabinoid system. It is found within our neuron system and produces cannabinoids and helps assist the connection to awakening healing properties and many more benefits.

The interesting thing is that every concept I am taking about comes from the Mind State or the conditioning of the Mind that we function from. As an Athlete, you connect every element within yourself to see the outcome or the result you’re working towards.

Everything requires Thought.

Heru Amun, Cannabis Fitness Strategist



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