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I’ve kind of been on a ‘Minimalism’ kick lately. You know, getting rid of “stuff” that I just don’t use
or don’t plan on using. The latest book I’m reading is called “Clutterfree” by Leo Babauta. So far so good… I love it. Even just reading about getting rid of stuff gets me fired up! 🙂

Clutterfree Your Home

It’s kind of hard to do when you’re not living at home though! But I had brought stuff with me from my house so I have been able to do some de-cluttering. For example, since we had our kitchen re-done, it was easy for me to bring my entire “junk” drawer with me. You know, the drawer where I keep my cell phone, keys, papers that I never look at, mini notebooks, loose screws (I’ve got a bunch of them LOL… I digress), etc.

So over the last few days, I’ve been getting rid of a lot in that drawer. And it feels great! I can’t wait to get back home and throw out most of what’s in my house! (my wife doesn’t know this is happening by the way, so let’s keep it between us).

Clutterfree your home

One of the things Leo says has to do with your wardrobe. He suggests only keeping the clothes that you absolutely love and wear most of the time.

Don’t keep something because you”might” wear it “someday”.

And while you’re at it, get rid of the clothes you don’t like. You know which ones I’m taking about. The ones you are only hanging on to because you got them for such a great price but you really don’t like the way they look on you. Or how about the ones that are a size too big on you because you had them last year when you were 10 pounds heavier and you’re still holding on to them “in case” you gain the weight back.

GET RID OF THEM (especially those). If you gain weight again, shame on you! You’ll have to
spend money and go by new “fat person” clothes. That’s your punishment for gaining the weight back!

Clear your closets of all of the unnecessary clothes and items that you no longer wear or like.

A great place to start is your closets and then once you have tackled that, move on to other areas like kitchen counters, kitchen tables, dining room tables, coffee tables, etc. It is a liberating feeling to get rid of stuff, trust me!

Once you get rid of stuff, don’t buy more

You’ll be back to where you started. If you buy a new shirt or pair of pants or pair of shoes,
donate an old shirt or an old pair of pants or an old pair of shoes. This way you’re helping someone that can use it a lot more than you can and you’re not accumulating any more “stuff”.

A clear space is a clear mind

It will make room for all of the other more important stuff in your life like exercising, eating clean… Oh wait, I mean like friends, family, etc. 😉

Here’s to being clutterfree in 2017!

What do you think?