Claire Hill

Littlehampton, United Kingdom

Claire Hill

Littlehampton, United Kingdom

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Early Miscarriage & How to Cope

5 Feb 2021

Losing a baby at any stage of pregnancy is hard, whether it is your first baby or fourth baby. Whether you lost the baby at 6 weeks or 20 weeks. However, I want to talk about early miscarriage, pregnancy loss before 12 weeks. I chose to talk about this because people sometimes assume that if […]

Safe Workouts to Do at Home During Pregnancy

6 Jan 2021

It is hard enough to get motivated to exercise when we are not pregnant, but during a lockdown, lack of motivation, the kids being around, finding the time and energy to fit in a workout can be difficult. If you have suffered or are suffering from morning sickness in the first trimester and tiredness then […]

Pre/Postnatal Well-being During Covid19

20 Nov 2020

Being pregnant can be a struggle for most. Your body changes so much, your hormones affect your mood, tiredness, sleep deprivation, cravings, aches and pains, and lack of motivation to stay physically active. During the summer months, during the first Lockdown, when the gyms were shut, everyone got out cycling, walking, running, they found their […]

The Importance of Stretching During Pregnancy

22 Oct 2020

For many of us, stretching is a part of our workout routine. But for some, it is something that gets forgotten about or not done enough of. In pregnancy, it is even more important to stretch out as much as possible as it has many benefits to the pregnant woman and her body, during this […]

Safe Pregnancy Exercise – Things You Need to Know

13 Oct 2020

Whether you are a regular gym-goer or a complete beginner, pregnancy causes a lot of questions, especially when it comes to what is safe to do. As a mum to be your journey starts the moment you find out you are pregnant and now it’s not just you need to look after: 1. We all […]

Getting Back Into Fitness After Pregnancy

28 Sep 2020

You feel like you’ve been pregnant forever, your body feels and looks so different! It’s hard seeing a wobbly belly, wobbly thighs, stretch marks, cellulite, and looking in the mirror you don’t recognize yourself! It’s hard to process these changes, and can be a shock! If it’s hard to see yourself like that you are […]

Weight Training During Pregnancy

10 Sep 2020

For anyone thinking that you can’t start an exercise program during pregnancy, whether it is cardio or strength training, if you have not exercised before…. this is no longer true. It was believed that if you were not currently training before pregnancy, it was unwise and unsafe to do so. Similarly, if you were exercising […]

Nutrition During Pregnancy

31 Aug 2020

This is probably the most important time to get your nutrition right! If your BMI is above 30, and you are classed in the Obese category, you need to try to get your BMI down. You need to try to get more active, even if it’s just walking and making small changes to your lifestyle. […]

Perinatal Mental Health

4 Aug 2020

We are supposed to be elated, excited about the anticipation of having a little bundle of joy after finding out we are pregnant. For some expectant ladies, this isn’t the case. Whether you have suffered from depression, anxiety, or any other mental health before, now is the time when it is more likely to happen […]

Connection Breaths – How It Affects the Core and Pelvic Floor

20 Jul 2020

Who would have thought that breathing plays such a huge part in the Core and Pelvic Floor? I started working on my core strength after I had my babies, but not once did I consider that my breathing wasn’t correct and that in itself meant I wasn’t connecting with my core or pelvic floor properly. […]