Trainers How Should I Choose An Online Fitness Program?

Kasheta BodyFit is launching our first online fitness program after spending a year creating something we could be proud to offer our clients.

The time, energy, research, development and design of our program rivals anything you can find in the great world wide web but it still isn’t a program that will fit everyone’s needs. No online program can possibly do that no matter how great it is.

How Should I Choose An Online Fitness Program?

That being said, here are a few tips you can use to find the best online fitness program FOR YOU, before you commit your dollars and effort:

1. Define your goals

If you’re attempting to run a faster marathon, don’t even bother looking at a weight loss program. If you want to increase your bench press capability, a daily app focused on yoga is out. This may seem obvious but any online training program worth its salt is going to have slick marketing so you have to intentionally get past the hype to research, ask questions, read reviews and find out exactly what the program was designed to do. If that’s not clear as you dig in, take the time to research the person (or team) who designed the program and verify that they are educated and know how to create a science based, effective and results driven product.

2. Define your budget

At Kasheta BodyFit, we chose to create two programs because we recognize that sometimes a custom program is not financially feasible for everyone. Know what you’re comfortable and able to spend before looking around and watch for up charges. Before you purchase, notice whether you’re buying a one-time guide that you can download or a recurring subscription (and whether there is a specific time commitment you’re agreeing to). Typically, as you lower the cost, the less customization (i.e. a standard downloaded PDF). This means the content will be more generic and less specific to any focused goal. If you’re new to fitness, this may be a fine place to start. The more you want to see specific results, the more you should look for something that’s customized to you.

3. Define your resources

This means time and equipment. Some programs are designed to be completed at home with no equipment and others may require a full gym. If you take a few minutes to evaluate what you will need, you won’t be disappointed halfway through the program when TRX straps and trampolines are suddenly required to move forward. The same goes for your time. The Kasheta BodyFit training programs can typically be completed in three hours a week, give or take your specific goals (and other time you may want to contribute to progress faster). Other programs require seven day a week activity which can quickly become burdensome if you haven’t accounted for it.

An online fitness program can be an amazing resource

An online fitness program is connecting you with world class trainers wherever you are and on your own timetable. But don’t just jump at the first one you see – it can be dangerous to trust your health to someone you may never meet in person.

With our customised training option you have access to ask questions, get direction and make adjustments to the program so you’re always progressing. That’s not always the case so take the time to look at the education and qualifications of the people that designed each program, not just the ones marketing it.

Take this as your kick in the butt to see that technology really has made the resources you need to succeed readily available – all you have to do is sign up!

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