Trainers Cheer Squad: Team of 1

Who claps for you when you win?

Who is the 1st person you call with great news? Successes and team victories?Team Cheerleader


During one of my coaching sessions with a client this week, we were trying to get to the bottom of her new found lack of motivation and desire to workout. She’s accomplished a great deal so far: over 100lbs lost, plant based diet, improved strength and endurance and knowledge about nutrition. However, she still has a way to go.  After mulling it over and listening to her recent interactions with some of the closest people in her life, with her team, it hit me like a ton of bricks: SHE LACKS A CHEER SQUAD!

 I instantly became sad.

Take small children for example and think about how excited they are when you reward a behavior with an applause, a hearty laugh, big smile or a few words of encouragement.  Think about how quick they are to duplicate that behavior. Adults are no different. I’d even venture as far as saying we’re worse! Now we have 20+ years of insecurities, trials and errors under our belts and tend to approach most tasks with uncertainty.

We all require validation in some form or another from our peers and loved ones no matter how strong or independent we are.

Not all of us like to make it so obvious (all my fellow too cool for schoolers stand up!) and others of us may outright ask for approval. Either way, it is human nature to want to feel validated and celebrated when you do great things like: turn your entire life around through diet and exercise, introduce life prolonging behaviors into your household, share your journey with the world in hopes of inspiring others and denounce all past self-destructing behaviors!

 I’m just saying who wouldn’t clap for that?!

Those that belittle and ostracize others for improving their life are pea-brained and most often envious. If you are that person, STOP. Try spending more of your time on self-improvement instead of putting someone down for making the choices that you haven’t had the courage to make.

Tell someone you’re proud of them today and mean it!

Greatness is happening all around you. Applaud when someone you know wins and I challenge you to ask them how they did it and follow suit!


What do you think?