Trainers When You Have No Time and Too Many Choices: Choosing an Online Trainer

Online personal training is a new way forward in the fitness industry. Big name celebrity fitness gurus do it; in fact anyone that seems to know the internet and some marketing skills do it, too.

When choosing an online trainer, how do you decide who’s right for you?

choosing an online trainer

Do you want to commit to someone over the internet and just hope it’s better than a game of spin the wheel for a prize?

If you are choosing online training in the first place, it is usually through having very little time or ability to get out for a few hours, and you quite like working out in the comfort of your own home, where the dress code depends on the day. Don’t waste that precious time scrolling through profile after profile, having so many choices that it all gets so overwhelming, that you shut the page down and promise to try again another time.

Here are my top tips for how to find the right Personal Trainer online:

  1. First decide if you have a preference on gender. This is not discrimination; if you have a preference, then it helps you take out a few choices.
  2. In the services menu, look through to see what they offer that is inline with your goals. Every trainer has their own specific niche(s), and even when we can offer most things, we tend to stick at what we are best at.
  3. Watch their introduction video and see if their vibe matches your tribe! It’s not suggesting you judge a book by its cover as such, but you can see if they give off personality traits that resonate with you.
  4. The way that will always be the best way is word of mouth. If the online trainer has “success stories,” ask if one of those clients would email or chat with you one-on-one.
  5. Just do it, stop wasting time. Click on the button and commit. You will never be committed for life; so jump in the deep end and swim like crazy.

Yours in happiness and health,

Dee @ Delicious Fitness

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