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Did you ever wake up and feel a total sense of “this is the day it’s going to happen in your life”? I can’t really put a word on that feeling, so I hope you know what I mean. You know, the feeling of ” OK, today is the day I’m going to ________.” You fill in the blank with whatever it is that you’re excited about changing in your life.

Change Your Life Today

This doesn’t just relate to exercise and weight loss, although it certainly can. You might get an a-ha moment after watching a movie or reading a true life story about someone and say to yourself: “Wow, I want to be that kind of person.” And the great part about it all is that you can become that person at that moment, right there on the spot.

Change your life

It can forever change who you are as a person and in turn, change your life. Chances are, these moments don’t just “pop up” or come to us when we wake up. Instead, something sparks them on like a movie or a book. I get these moments from time to time, in all areas of my life not just fitness. I get them after reading a great story about a dad and how awesome he is with his kids, after watching a movie about a husband who treats his wife like the only woman in the world, after seeing a documentary about a fitness model or bodybuilder who does everything perfect with his diet and workout program and looks amazing.

If I screw up one day, there’s always tomorrow

What motivates me so much about all of this is that it’s all possible to become that kind of person.  I know we don’t know when that day will come when there aren’t any more tomorrow’s. That’s why everyday we should strive to be the best that we can be, in all areas of our life. Know that deep down inside, if you are in a rut, that you can turn it around at the drop of a hat. It’s a really cool feeling knowing that everything (for the most part) is in your control and you have the power to alter that in any direction you want.

Remember, no situation makes you unhappy.

You can respond to it any way you want. Don’t let people or situations make you unhappy. Nobody controls how you feel. That’s all up to you! You’ve gotten where you are in your life from the choices and the decisions that YOU’VE made… not anyone else.

Your life and your story are not done yet though, right? There’s plenty of time to re-write it.

Why not start today?

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