Exercise Best 15 min Workouts

Life can get crazy with work, kids, and getting food on the table. It can get hard to squeeze in that time for the gym. Although it’s better to get a 30 minute to an hour workout, these 15 min workouts will get your heart rate up, requires no equipment, and can easily be fit in to your busy day.

Not enough time to go to the gym? Try one of these 15 min workouts

Here are the best 15 min workouts:

Workout 1:

3 rounds:

36 mountain climbers

30 squats

20 burpees

30 sit-ups

36 jumping jacks

Workout 2:


60 scissor kicks

40 high knees

20 plank-shoulder touches

20 jumping lunges

10 inch worms

EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute

Each movement (e.g. 60 scissor kicks) should be done within one minute. This allows time for rest until the next movement. In total, this is a 15 minute workout.

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