Trainers Accountability: Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

Fitness accountability is what we all tend to forget. Get your daily motivation and start being accountable today!


Accountability defined

The Oxford dictionary definition of the word Accountability is:  “The fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility”.

Not so nice, is it? It is a key element in achieving our goals and success. Cast your mind back to when life was so less complicated and less stressful.  Yes that is right where we are all kids at sone stage.  When life was for living, so much fun, and stressless. But as kids, we were all accountable to a grown up. Am I right? You bet I am. Remember the days when you used to throw the school bag in the door shouting “no homework today mom”. You did it not even making it to the door yourself. You turned on your heels and legged it out the gate to play with your friends, or play sport. Those were the days, such found memories (well for me anyways). The point here is that we were accountable back then to ensure we stayed straight and narrow.  We were home by a certain time, we were up at a certain time for boring school!

Its time for a change

Now, as adults we have forgotten that the key to each of our successes that made us who we are today is “Accountability” . It was easy for us when we were kids to be accountable. However, for some unknown reason, as adults, we cascade that dirty word “Accountability”. Wouldn’t life be much easier if we took the decision to be accountable again?

Fist, accountable to ourselves; then, accountable to our partners and kids. After, it comes to our health and well being which is so important! Would you not agree we need to be accountable to our expert trainers?

Make life easier for yourself by reaching out. Have someone put your health and wellbeing to the fore to ensure you live a long and fulfilled life with your partner, kids, family, and friends

Accountability is not a dirty word, just a misunderstood word that can change your life forever.  Have fun in doing it.

Keep it real, keep it simple!

What do you think?