Exercise Is Home Workout Easier?

home workout

A home workout usually means putting more effort and focusing harder

How many home workouts do you finish like:

“That was fun! I’m fully recovered in a matter of 60 seconds and I don’t feel like it was as hard as training in the gym.”

That’s because it wasn’t.

Unless you’re using lockdown as a reason to mentally slow down and take your foot off the gas – you need to be working harder when you’re training… for the physical but also the mental benefit you get from actually putting some effort in!

In a home workout where limited equipment is available, that usually means focusing harder too.

Getting through several rounds of 45 or 60 seconds of work without letting out a huff is a sign you’re making it too easy for yourself.

No, the weight doesn’t always need to be heavier and if that was really the case – it’s not that hard to put some more heavy items in your backpack or grocery bag to resolve that excuse.

Barbell & plates make it less tedious to set up. But if you’re not going to fork out a few $100 you are CHOOSING to use that as an excuse.

So next time before you’re about to start your workout, set aside 3 minutes to prepare yourself mentally to focus on getting the most out of your reps.

Minute 1:

Write a list of any important tasks for the day, so that it’s not pressing on your mind.

Minute 2:

Have a nice big glass of water & go to the bathroom.

Minute 3:

Sit down, shut your eyes, & focus on your breath. This will shake out any remaining tasks you might think of that need to be written down so you don’t drift off while you’re working out.

Now you’re ready to train, treat every rep like a heavier weight. Feel the contraction through every muscle fibre, feel your feet staying grounded, feel your grip crushing the weight you’re holding, and stick to your damn tempo!

Your workout will only be as hard (or easy) as you make it!

People would kill to have your luxury to move their body freely everyday. Don’t take yours for granted.

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