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accountability and discipline

Accountability and discipline are the staples of a successful journey in health and fitness!

You hear it all the time or even think it:

” I don’t have time to work out” or even “I’m so tired from my day I just want to rest”.

So to help you see that in reality the workout is really not much in the way of time, and more about why you don’t really want to, I’m gonna show you some numbers that may switch you to a healthier lifestyle.

A day is 24 hours. You work 8 hours, maybe 9-10 if you’re a busy individual. Sleep 6-8 hours. Leaves you about 8 hours to do what you want in life.

Okay, so the average workout can be anywhere from 30 mins to 1 hour long. Doing the math that’s literally 1/24 of your day. Or if you use the breakdown of a day that was done, it works out to 1/8. Now if you factor in health and wellness visits to your doctor and anytime you get sick that adds up to a lot more time and money-wise than the 1 hour workout.

Exercise and food choices make life easier.

No, I am not saying live like a monk and eat only this or that. You can enjoy anything in MODERATION. It’s okay to enjoy a burger once in awhile, or that nice little slice of cake. However, binging and gorging on high calorie food will eventually¬† throw you off track.

Your workout, even if a walk for 30 minutes with the family pet or your kids, will increase your health, possibly lose unwanted weight, and feel better due to fresh air, and activities that get the blood moving.

They say a thing in motion stays in motion until it meets an unmovable object. With exercise you get energy and stamina. So gaining confidence to take on the day or even unwind from it. The excuse of “I’m to tired from work” means your health is in jeopardy and you might want to consider getting with a trainer, or buddy to hold you accountable.

Accountability and discipline are the staples of a successful journey in health and fitness.

Motivation only gets you going, determination and drive keep you in the game, discipline will get you over the finish line. Only consistency will get you the body or the health you know you rightly deserve.

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