Roland Lamothe

Live Oak, United States

Roland Lamothe

Live Oak, United States

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  • "22 a Day" Challenge—A Transformative Initiative for Veteran Suicide Awareness

    Introducing RTF3TX's "22 a Day" Challenge—A Transformative Initiative for Veteran Suicide Awareness In alignment with RTF3TX's core values of health, well-being, and strength, we proudly present the "22 a Day" Challenge, an online initiative to raise awareness for the staggering statistic of 22 veterans lost to suicide each day. This dynamic challenge brings together community, grit, and tactical conditioning to stand in solidarity with those who have served our nation. How It Works The "22 a Day" Challenge comprises short, efficient workouts, each lasting just one minute or more. Crafted meticulously by our ISSA Master Trainers, Coach Roland and Coach Sandy, every workout features 22 repetitions of an exercise, symbolizing the 22 lives lost daily. The challenge is perfect for anyone—novice or pro—focusing on functional movements that translate to everyday activities and military conditioning. What You'll Achieve Empowerment: Building on our one-on-one studio and online coaching expertise, each session fuels personal growth and inner strength. Community: Participate alongside others who are committed to making a change. Together, we amplify the message and impact. Mindfulness: These high-intensity workouts are more than physical exertion; they're a salute to our heroes, fostering a deep connection with the veteran community. Versatility: Ideal for tactical training, weight loss, muscle and strength gain, and general fitness. Additional Benefits Nutritional Support: Take your challenge to the next level with our Isagenix supplement line, aiding in optimal exercise recovery and performance. Genetic Program Design: Tailor your participation with our specialized genetic fitness program design, ensuring that you maximize your potential. Holistic Approach: As a leader in health and well-being, we also offer resources on mental resilience and stress management to complement the challenge. Join us in this mission to bring awareness and change. One rep, one day at a time. Elevate your well-being while making a profound societal impact. Step up to the "22 a Day" Challenge by RTF3TX. Because every life counts, and together, we can make a difference.

    $22.00 USD
    one time
  • 12 Week "monster maker" strength and muscle gain

    Included in this training are custom workouts just for you. Nutritional guidance to help you gain those muscles. Weekly check-ins to monitor progress. Weekly and daily group chat messages so you and your friends can share results and challenge each other to new levels. And the trainer will Drop in live and see how things are going. Bring friends and family and have a great time!!!!

    $200.00 USD
    per week
  • 16 week contest prep

    1000$ upfront fee. this includes a DNA profile swab kit and test readings by Master trainer Roland Lamothe. It is a non-refundable one-time payment. the other $400 dollars will be broken down according to the number of weeks for the prep. it will always be 4-week periods. nutrition counseling and guidance will be tantamount to your success. Please be committed to this program. a lot is riding on it. A lot of work on your part as well as RTFTTX reputation

    Every month you will get 32 session credits for Personal coaching session (expire after 4 months)

    $1,000.00 USD
    per month
  • 5X5 workout program

    maximum effort and fully customizable for you and your busy work schedule. You let us know your schedule and we will move days around and you will have a fun time becoming the best you and have a work-life balance.

    $135.00 USD
    per week
  • Chris buckles personal program

    your personal plan one else is on this

    $520.00 USD
    per month
  • FREE 5 day at home body weight workout sampler

    A great FREE TRIAL for 5 days of bodyweight challenge come give it a try and enjoy the excitement of getting to try a sample of my workouts.

  • monthly subscription with nutrition coaching

    this is the monthly subscription for the exercise program app access and nutrition counseling. There is a weekly zoom or facetime call with me and we discuss changes you would like to do to either program or both.

    $149.00 USD
    per month
  • RTF3TX Ab & Core Strength Program

    Your Blueprint to a Stronger, Healthier Core Unlock the secrets to a robust, balanced core with RTF3TX's specialized Ab & Core Strength Program. Designed by our seasoned ISSA Master Trainers, Coach Roland and Coach Sandy, this comprehensive program takes a science-backed approach to core development, incorporating methods proven to yield results, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete.

    $200.00 USD
    per 2 weeks
  • RTF3TX Legend maker Bodybuilding program

    Introducing the RTF3TX Legend Maker Program: the pinnacle of personalized fitness coaching designed to create legends. This elite program kicks off with a cutting-edge Genetic DNA Test, offering unparalleled insights into your unique genetic makeup to tailor a training regimen specifically suited for you. With specialized nutrition guidance that aligns with your genetic predispositions, we ensure that your diet complements your training for optimum results. But that's not all; this package includes accountability calls and weekly check-ins via Zoom or Facebook Messenger with our ISSA Master Trainers to monitor your progress and make real-time adjustments. As an exclusive feature, clients enrolled in the Legend Maker Program will receive Coach Roland's personal phone number for texting and calls, providing immediate access to expert advice should you have questions or face any challenges with your program. Your path to becoming a legend starts here, powered by RTF3TX's commitment to excellence and unparalleled client support.

    On purchase, you will get 20 session credits for personal coaching session (expire after 5 months)

    $6,000.00 USD
    one time
  • Spartan coaching program

    Strength and stamina training for every day or on the modern battlefield. RTF training TX will have you fit to fight inside of 12 weeks. Will it be easy? nope...Easy is for everyone else. You are a warrior. nothing is ever easy.

    $200.00 USD
    per week
  • Weight Management Program

    With my expertise in nutrition and lifestyle changes, We can help you understand the 21/90 principle and how to make it work for you. With coaching and tip on food prep and nutrition values, we will get you headed on the right path to a better lifestyle and be comfortable with your food choices again

    $149.00 USD
    per month


  • DNA testing and reading of results

    As a Certified Genetics-based program designer I have tests that we can take and send off and find out more in-depth about why the fat won't go away or why you are a hard gainer. I get the guesswork out of genetics mystery and the age-old excuse of bad genetics

    $360.00 USD
    one time
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coach only

    With my expertise in nutrition and lifestyle changes, We can help you understand the 21/90 principle and how to make it work for you. With coaching and tip on food prep and nutrition values, we will get you headed on the right path to a better lifestyle and be comfortable with your food choices again

    $149.00 USD
    per month
  • nutrition coaching addon

    this is the addon for the nutrition coaching for the month-by-month coaching plan. these can be bought with matching sessions.

    $200.00 USD
    per month

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7 Sep 2023

Hey Fitness Enthusiasts! Ever wondered how that protein shake you’re sipping or the carb load you’re indulging in before a workout actually fuels your muscles? Well, it’s a complex interplay of cellular pathways and biochemical cycles that make it all happen. Let’s dive in and explore the ADP Cycle, the Krebs Cycle, and mTOR signaling […]

The 21/90 Principle: Building Habits that Stick

18 Aug 2023

The allure of starting a fitness program is undeniable. The vision of a healthier, fitter you drives the enthusiasm. But as days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, the initial spark can wane. Many face pitfalls, hurdles, and distractions that can make giving up seem like an easier option. But let’s delve into why […]

Top 10 Reasons People Hit the Gym

16 Aug 2023

  Gyms: the new temples of strength, peace, and adaptation Gyms have become new-age temples where people converge to seek well-being, mental peace, and transformation. Coach Roland Lamothe from RTF3TX, with a decade under his belt observing fitness enthusiasts, has some keen insights into why people frequent these fitness sanctuaries. Here are the top 10 […]

The Big Three Exercises: Building a Solid Foundation for Your Workout Journey

3 Aug 2023

When it comes to building a well-rounded and effective workout program, few exercises can rival the importance of the “Big Three”: bench presses, deadlifts, and squats. These compound movements are not only revered by powerlifters and bodybuilders but are also essential for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals efficiently and safely. In this blog, […]

Hypertrophy in Exercise: Understanding the Right Rep Range

11 Jul 2023

In the realm of exercise and fitness, achieving muscle hypertrophy, or the growth and enlargement of muscle fibers, is a primary goal for many individuals. Whether you are a professional athlete, a bodybuilder, or someone looking to improve their physique, understanding the concept of hypertrophy and the appropriate rep range when exercising is essential for […]

Unveiling the Power of Lighter Weights

13 Jun 2023

  In the world of fitness, the mantra “no pain, no gain” has long dominated the mindset of many gym-goers. However, recent research and evolving training methodologies have shed light on a counterintuitive notion: sometimes, less weight can be more effective in a workout. This article delves into the factors influencing workouts today, including periodization, […]

The Importance of Spotters for Heavy Lifts

9 May 2023

When it comes to performing heavy lifts, having a spotter is not only a wise decision but often a necessity. A spotter is a fellow gym-goer or workout partner who provides assistance and support during exercises that involve heavy weights or increased difficulty. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of spotters for heavy […]

Gym Etiquette 101: Re-Racking Your Weights

9 May 2023

A visit to the gym can be an empowering and uplifting experience. However, maintaining a positive atmosphere requires everyone to be mindful of gym etiquette. Especially when it comes to re-racking weights. In this blog post, I will discuss a personal pet peeve, the importance of gym etiquette, and the benefits of re-racking weights. I […]

Motivation vs. Discipline. What’s the difference?

6 Apr 2023

The answer is actually no. Here is why……… Motivation and discipline are two concepts that are often used when discussing goal achievement, personal development, and productivity. They are interconnected but serve different purposes in the process of pursuing goals and maintaining focus. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between motivation and discipline: Motivation: Motivation is […]

Nutrition and Grocery Stores. Tips & Tricks

23 Jun 2022

FOOD!!! NOMS!!! EATS!!! We all love to eat. I mean who doesn’t right? There are veggies, meat, fish, poultry, bread, sweets, desserts, chips, and salsa, and the always-present feeling of happiness when grocery shopping. But there are secrets that a lot of folks don’t know about their local grocery store. The following five tips and […]