Exercise How to Build Bigger, Broader Shoulders

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Strategies to build the big shoulders you want!

You ever those guys with massive shoulders, you know the ones, looking like they have round rocks on top of their arms. Sort of freaky, but also sorta cool, right?

Many of us want big, broad shoulders, but accomplishing that goal is not an easy task as it seems.

Where do we start? What exercises work the best? Is it GEAR?

In this easy guide, you’ll discover the most effective ways to ensure that you’re building greater strength and growing big boulder shoulders.

Use these strategies to build the big shoulders you want:

  • Fix your posture. Having big shoulders is a frustrating task. IF you can successfully have good posture you can achieve it. This means having the ability to relax your shoulders and neck without putting stress on the muscles. Without good posture, you might be restricting your ability for growth and the end goal of broad shoulders.
  • Having big shoulders is all about blood flow. The more you pump the reps in there or get the weight high enough to elicit a response the sooner you will see results
  • Heavy Weight Training. The shoulder is a complex of muscles not just one or two like the arm or legs, a lot of angles can be hit to achieve the desired results
  • Hypertrophy is our goal. Lighter weight slowed down and higher reps with full ROM will grow the shoulders to a point. However, Heavy weight in the 5-10 rep range with bring on the size.
  • Overhead presses. If any movement works the shoulder complex completely it is the over head press. Be it Barbell or dumbbells, the over head presses are KING.
  • For the first timers: A suggestion to start on a machine or with lighter weight until you build up the strength in the shoulders.
  • Use cables. The only downsides to free weights are that they do not provide a steady flow of  tension for strength recruitment throughout the entire range of motion. Cables, and bands on the other hand, like those found on a cable machine or the bands which can be used at home and bought for a good price at Amazon, will train your shoulders through a complete range of motion.
  • This will help to ensure that you are always growing stronger in the most balanced way possible.
  • While some have luck with gear it seldom stays around for long. Eventually this extra androgynous tissue will be broken down as the body tries too achieve Homeostasis and balance the health of the human machine.

Building Bigger Shoulders

Your dream to build giant boulders on your shoulders will take time, effort and dedication. There’s no need to rush something like this. As I said earlier it’s a muscle complex. One wrong move and all it will do is bring you closer to an injury that could take the hopes and dreams out of your goals.

Instead, take it slow (you have time), lift with good form (leads to best results) and work in a progressive overload system

It’s really easy to injure yourself when you’re training shoulders with your ego! Drop the ego, train smart, and watch your shoulders grow bigger, broader, and stronger.

Till next time.


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