Lifestyle 4 Week Plan to a Healthy Body

Having a hard time sticking to your weight loss plan? Are you making it to hard on yourself? Trying to do too much at once? I’ve got 3 words for you… keep it simple. Stop trying to jump on all the new weight loss fads, belts and magic pills and start just doing one thing at a time. This 4 week plan will kick start your weight loss journey without all the extra BS. 

4 Week Plan to a Healthy Body

Each week, you will implement 1, yes just 1 change to your daily activities that will help you start changing your body composition and mind set. 

Starting new habits all starts with your mindset. First, you need the right mindset to want to make a change and stay committed throughout the entire process. The mind set of knowing your going to see this through 100%. The second part of having the right mindset is staying strong throughout the entire process. There will be times where you want to quit and give up, keep your mindset strong and know that the results you will get from this weight loss journey are absolutely worth it! You’re taking back whats yours… your life! 

4 Week Plan To a Better Body

Week 1: Cut out All Soda and High Sugar Drinks

Starting on week 1, cut out all soda and high sugar drinks. The term “soft drink” refers to any beverage with added sugar or other sweeteners. This includes soda, fruit punch, and lemonades. Sport and energy drinks can be very high in sugar and calories, as well. Reading labels is essential to weight loss. Learn to read the labels and see what ingredients are in these drinks and your food for that matter as well. 

Do This Instead

Drink water! Water is going to be your best friend! Well, maybe not your best friend but you will learn to realize how important it really is. Purchase a 1 litre water bottle. Each day, you will fill the water bottle up in the morning (1) Mid afternoon, you will fill it back up (2). In the evening time, around dinner, fill the water bottle halfway (3). 

2.5 litres daily will be a great start to your weight loss journey. 

I’ve got good news for you, you can still drink coffee or tea but no added sugar or cream. That will defeat the purpose of this program. 

Week 1 Task: Cut out all soda and high sugar drinks.

Week 2: Cut out All Simple Carbs and Consume Complex Carbohydrates

Starting on week 2 of the 4 week plan, cut out all sweets and simple sugars. This will include white bread, pastries, cookies and other refined foods. Well, all thees “best and tasty foods” are whats leading to weight gain, energy loss and just feeling bad. 

Do This Instead:

Eat complex carbohydrates. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, oats and whole wheat pasta are some good sources of carbs. Fruit does contain fructose, which is a simple sugar but fresh fruit is a way better option then a fruit roll-up, catch my drift? Good sources of carbohydrates are whats going to keep your energy levels high all day while dropping those pounds off your waistline. 

Week 2 Task: Cut out all simple carbs and consume complex carbohydrates.

Week 3: Walk Your Way to Weight Loss

Starting on week 3, walk 3 times a week. With the warm weather starting to come, why not get out and enjoy some sun! Walking at a high pace is a great way to burn extra calories and increase your energy levels. 

Do This Instead: 

Walk on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Three, 30 minute walks throughout the week will elevate your heart rate and boost your metabolism making you burn more calories increasing weight loss. Grab an iPod, significant other, your dog or just get out there and get walking! 

Week 3 Task: Walk 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

Week 4: Lose Weight with Lifting Weight

Starting on week 4, add some resistance or weight training into your weekly routine. Resistance training is a great way to burn extra calories and increase lean muscle at the same time. Increasing lean muscle will also improve overall body composition. 

Do This Instead:

Before you head out on your walks on Monday and Friday, add in 30 minutes of resistance or weight training to your routine. This could include some body weight exercises or circuits, resistance band exercises or pick yourself up some light dumbbells from a sports store and use them to train with. Point being, there is a variety of methods your able to add into your weekly routine to ensure you stay on track throughout your weight loss journey.

Week 4 Task: Add 2 days of resistance training into you’re weekly routine.

Stick to this 4 week plan to transform your body and mind. Head to my profile for help on creating exercise or nutrition plans.

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