Lifestyle 3 Things to Do Every Day for a Healthy Life

3 things to do

Bringing you a tiny list to do every day for a healthy life. I firmly believe in all of these little “to dos”. Let’s begin:

1. Drink water.

Simple right? It’s very easy to forget to drink water now that its winter time. You probably do not want to drink water for it being cold or whatever the situation is – but in reality we need to drink water, because most of us just do not drink enough of it. My advice, chug a glass of water right when you awake up – wake up and chug. It’ll help you replenish all the water you lost when you slept while you were breathing.

2. Go for a walk.

I prefer to walk in the morning, breathe in some of the fresh air while walking my pup. He needs it as much as I do. We usually do a quick 3 mile walk but honestly if you get at least a quick 20 minutes right when you wake up – let your day begin with the beauty of nature, where ever you live. This will certainly help with getting your daily steps in. Daily steps should be a non negotiable in your life. If your can average any where from 8000 to 10,000 steps a day, you’ll be just fine. Walking helps reduce high blood pressure, a stressful day or situation and you just feel good after you complete it. Get your steps in!!!

3. Find something to laugh about.

I get it, we all deal with different situations in life which can be annoying or dreadful, but at the end of the day (or heck at the beginning of it) find something to laugh about. Find something which will make you smile. That positivity will rub off on some one else. You never know what another person will be going through and a simple smile or laugh can and will totally help someone change their outlook on their current situation or even for the rest of their day.

Give the list a try. Water, walk, and laughter.

 Attitude And Effort Fitness L.L.C.

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