Exercise Why Working Out is for Everyone

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This blog post will be geared toward why I firmly believe working out is for everyone.

We all know that being healthy and moving every day go hand-in-hand.

But why is the weight room/gym for everyone?

Let’s start with one of the easiest reasons you can have.

The weight room/gym doesn’t know if you’re a man or a woman. It doesn’t know if you’re tall or skinny, it doesn’t know if you’re athletic or unathletic. It doesn’t care if you can run a 4.4-yard dash, it doesn’t care if you can bench press 500 pounds or squat 700 pounds.

The weight room cares only about one thing – can you show up for yourself?

That is the number one reason you go to the gym or the weight room: because it’s a challenge for yourself. It’s not for anyone else, but for you and you alone. Individually, we are on this incredible journey that no one can be on.

Think of this – I want bigger biceps, can someone I send to the gym get bigger biceps for me? The answer is no. They can’t – it’s impossible. That person you send will end up having bigger biceps why? Simple, they’re doing the work.

Let’s look at other things.

In the gym, you can release your stress and you can celebrate your wins. While working out – you can build confidence repetition by repetition, you gain confidence by repeating the process. You gain confidence believing in that very process.

Without knowing (when following a plan) There’s a system for you. All you need to do is follow it and it will guide you to your “promise land.” The cool thing is, that Promise Land can be how you want to look physically or strong you in a 5 Rep Max bench press etc. It’s specific to you and you alone.

A lot of people talk about Disneyland being the most wonderful place in the world. But in my opinion, the weight room is the most wonderful place in the world. Why? Because it forces me to do things for myself that no one else can force me to do. I can see the reality of who I am, and what I can do through all these exercises which can be tough, or some Mental Toughness drills which can be daunting. When I saw up to the gym, it’s what I can put my body through and what I can put my mind through. It’s all for me.

You do for you, simply put. Show up for yourself, show out to everyone else – that you’re here to stay, here to change the current trajectory I’m on. Here to change the person I see in the mirror!

I’m here to help, drop me a message, send me an email. Working out is a wonderful thing, look for all the benefits I mentioned above and find your own. It’s a wonderful thing.

Attitude And Effort Fitness L.L.C.

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