Wellness What’s Your “Pain” That’s Going to Keep You Committed to Your Goals?

If the pain isn’t great enough that it makes you take a stand and do something to make it go away, then it must not be that much of a pain.

Pain: What's Your "Fly" at 2:00 in the Morning?

I got a message in my private Facebook group yesterday from a woman going through our 6 week challenge. She’s lost 9 pounds so far and she’s very excited, and rightfully so. We just finished week #2 and she’s down 9 lbs! That’s awesome!

Why has she been so successful?

I don’t know for sure, but like many before her, I’m assuming she’s been following the plan. She probably figured out her calorie targets, she’s eating more real food, cut out processed foods, cut back on sugar, exercises regularly, etc. That’s a sure fire way to getting results.

Amazing how it works every time. E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E!

But there’s something else that I know for a fact she has done. And she might not even be aware of it. Do you know? It has nothing to do with the stuff I mentioned above. It actually needs to happen before any of that. She got her mind fixated on what she wanted. In her case it was weight loss.

She had enough with how her body looked.

She had enough with how she felt (no energy, etc.)

She had enough with not fitting into certain clothes.

The pain was greater than she could take anymore.

Many “experts” will tell you that human beings, as a species, will avoid pain more than they will seek pleasure. Weight loss is proof of that.

Do you desire to look great in a bathing suit (pleasure) or do you dread wearing one (pain). Instinctively we say both of those. But think about them on a deeper level. I think most people would say they dread wearing one (so then we try and lose weight to avoid that dread).

Do we look forward to the joy of getting a new pair of jeans in a size that we want to be wearing (pleasure) or do we want to avoid at all costs having to wear the “big” size jeans that are unflattering (pain). I think most people would want to avoid wearing the “big” size jeans (so then we try and lose weight to avoid that pain).

What is your pain?

It could be one of the ones I just mentioned. I know it is for quite a few people. Maybe yours is being ashamed of your arms so you don’t wear sleeveless shirts in the summer? Or maybe you feel your legs are too big so you don’t wear shorts in the summer?

Your pain is your pain and it will stay with you until you do something about it. And you won’t do anything about it until it gets to the point that you can’t take it anymore.

Hundreds of thousands of people have pain, specifically having to do with body issues. And hundreds of thousands will live with it until the day they die. Never doing a thing to get rid of that pain. It’s such a shame.

Here’s a quick analogy that makes this a little clearer

What’s Your “Fly” at 2:00 in the Morning?

There’s a fly, flying around your bedroom at 2:00 in the morning while you are trying to fall asleep. You can hear it every once in awhile as it gets closer to your face. Not a big deal really. No need to get out of bed. Bothersome, but not too bad. Then it lands on your face. Now you’re getting annoyed. But still not enough to get you out of bed. Then it starts to land on your face every couple of seconds. That’s it! That’s the last straw, the “pain” is too much now. You jump out of bed, lights go on and you are in full attack mode. Looking to swat that sucker the second you get a chance. That’s “pain”.

Understand what I mean now? If you don’t know what your “fly at 2:00 in the morning” is, then maybe you really don’t have one, you just think and say you do?

What do you think?