Lifestyle Weight or Wait?

Weight or Wait

Most people are on a perpetual wheel of weight loss. They wait to start a program after a holiday or a weekend of debauchery. Seems like there is always a new starting point, why? Most have never set clear and concise objectives.

  1. Weight loss target weekly
  2. Have a professionally designed program
  3. Meal plan and strategy for their lifestyle

These three areas will define your success and failure. What is the definition of success? Weight loss with no more waiting!

One of the best ways to lose weight is through movement. Let me say that again, movement. Yes without question a weight training program is crucial to developing fat-burning machinery. Yet most people try to out-train a poor diet in the gym. Then they mistakenly think just weights alone are going to maintain fat loss.

The two biggest factors to long term weight loss are:

  1. Diet
  2. Movement

Let’s define each of these. Diet simply means having a strategy for your food and calorie per day allotment. As you age limitations need to be placed on simple carbohydrate intake. Watch sugars and starches closely by limiting these and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables instead of proteins is key! Essential fatty acids are also important things like avocados and olive oil.

Movement is imperative to long term weight loss. As I stated above weight training to maintain lean body mass is a necessity. But if you asked me how important is getting enough steps per day such as walking, I would tell you it is the golden key. Your overall movement has the most impact. For example, most people just focus on their hour workout per day. They don’t look at total movement during the day. Total movement is key, get at minimum 10,000 but try for 15,000-20,000 total steps per day. That means your moving for 3-4 hours daily.

How is this possible?

  1. Take the stairs where you can
  2. Park further from the office or store
  3. Walk during conference calls or school sessions where possible
  4. Take a walk at lunchtime and in the evening after dinner
  5. Stand during the day and simply pace vs being seated

These simple yet sustainable actions will lead to success. More importantly, they are things that everyone can do regardless of age or fitness level. If you can monitor diet and movement you will see results. Then if you lift weights you will absolutely take your program to the next level and achieve the body you have always dreamed of.

Stop waiting for weight loss. It doesn’t take a lot of expensive equipment or an exotic program. Simple is always the best way to begin. Lastly, I would advise anyone interested in long term success to seek assistance from a professional. Customizing a workout program along with a nutritional menu that suits your preferences and body type is advisable.

Simple solutions to fitness are the best. Starting today and not waiting is the best advice. Start with sensible eating and walking then progress to a weight-based program. You can achieve results without waiting! For more fitness and nutrition tips feel free to DM me.

Don Cardona
reNewU LLC

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