Lifestyle Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

About 30% of the world’s population is obese today, which includes children and adults of all ages and sex. The enormous number of people dealing with obesity are at a higher risk of developing a lifestyle disorder. Well, not just that; the fact that obesity makes you develop an inferiority complex and under-confident in your own skin has caught up with depression and anxiety. Lately, to combat all the above, everyone is driving themselves towards losing weight. But, is it really the weight one wants to lose or the fat or anything else?

The food industry might have complicated the whole juggle between weight loss and fat loss and we are here to simply unwind it for you. For a layman, as long as you see a graph on the scale, it makes you a happy puppy! Most of the weight-watchers intend to fit back into old clothes, shrink for a party, or size down before the wedding.

These small and superficial end results bring you to eat less, starve more, and follow a strict diet regime where you lose sight of good food. You might disagree with this because of the short term result you gained via these attempts. But, how long will this sustain? An average of 6 people bounce back to old weight or even more in no time after a strict transformation challenge or a narrow diet pattern. That’s major because an unhealthy approach leads you to detach yourself from your food and body functions. This short transformation might be a red signal to your old days.

Your constant desire to lose weight and see a drop in the numbers has led the food industry to pace up the whole facade by bringing constant trendy fad diets. If you notice closely, these trends fall back with time and leave you clueless. Why is there a need for a new diet regime time and again when the human body hasn’t changed in ages? If you haven’t asked your dietitian this, we suggest you go ahead and hope for an unbiased opinion. If not, you can always come back to us! So what is the major difference between weight loss and fat loss? Why does one bounce back on weight after a transformation? Keep reading the article for greater knowledge.

When you say you want to lose weight, you in fact mean losing excess fat without saying it out loud. Weight loss is a reduction in numbers or pounds which can happen via muscles, water, or fat in your body while fat loss is a targeted approach by losing excess fat stored in the body or regulating the fat breakdown naturally to heave up your metabolism.

Weight loss through muscles or water makes your shrink on the scale very quickly. How is it happening though? Muscle loss is a fixated approach towards calorie deficit and stepping too much on the treadmill. Moreover, adhering to this cycle for a longer period of time comes with the expense of losing tissues which without a doubt is unhealthy! If your diet lacks protein, you cannot rebuild those tissues thus making your immune system weaker. This also leads to a slower metabolism and low BMR. When your body lacks the power to burn what you eat, it tends to store whatever you eat.

Food psychology says, eating less, improper output and low metabolic ratio leads your body to think “he’s going to starve, I need to store.” Thus, eating less makes all the nutrients inclined towards fat cells and voila, the fat is still there! Whatever you have lost is the muscle. One pound of fat and muscles look exactly the same yet different because the latter is harder and denser, giving you a leaner and toned athletic look. So for example, you gain 3 pounds of muscle and lose 3 pounds of fat, your weight will be as good as the same but you’ll be surprised to see healthier changes in your appearance and metabolism

Another fastest way to lose weight is the whole cut your carbohydrates facade. Carbohydrates retain water three times more than any other macro-nutrient. If you cut back on your carbohydrates more than required, your body will hold no water. Muscles are an amalgamation of protein and water. As long as both are in harmony, one will gain muscles. However, if you keep adding protein and cut down excess carbohydrates, muscle mass is naturally going to drop. In no time, your body dehydrates and the muscles shrink.

The aid to this confusion and lose wholesome fat without aftermath is a simple lipolysis goal. The fat that you own or eat breaks down via lipolysis in your muscles. The mitochondria isn’t a powerhouse without a cause – all the fat breakdown takes place in the mitochondria of the muscles. So if you have fewer muscles, lesser if your fat breakdown and vise versa. It’s a no brainer that athletes tend to hold or gain less fat because they concentrate more on muscles. A simple balanced meal plan with enough protein, moderated fats, and essential micronutrients is enough to help you reach the goal. It goes without saying, diet and exercise go hand in hand, and resistance training is an important part of it.

Ditch the quick result drama and dedicate yourselves to a healthy lifestyle!

Curated by,

Pooja Shinde

Holistic health Coach at Gold’s Gym India

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