LifestyleNutrition The Hardest Part of Losing Weight: Urges to Overeat or Binge Eat

Many dieters understand their overeating is keeping them from keeping the weight off. We’re caught in a habit of giving into our urges around food.

Usually, eating more food than you need comes from giving into your urges. Losing weight is actually quite easy—you just stop overeating. How to stop overeating, however, isn’t that easy.

The way to begin undoing your urges around food… and to begin losing weight without gaining any of it back… is to understand what urges really are.

What urges are and where do they come from?

Urges are intense desires—a want, a longing for, a craving, etc.  They are an intense emotion, but an emotion nonetheless. Anxiety, for example, could be classified as the intense form of worry.  Urges are the intense form of desire. You don’t want to get rid of desire, you just want to decrease its intensity so that you can make deliberate, conscious choices about what to eat or not eat without feeling like you have no control over your actions.

When you realize your urges are coming from your thoughts about the food, then you will get all of your power back over your actions and the results you want. You can change your thoughts, which means you can change how you feel, which means you can be in control of your desires, and they can stop being a problem for you.

When you realize you can deliberately, consciously decide how and what you want to eat, then you feel more in control because it’s a choice you’re making… it’s not being made for you. And when you’re feeling in control around any food, then you won’t be overeating unless you choose to. And when you’re not overeating, you’re either maintaining or losing weight.

And that is the freedom you seek!

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