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fat loss goals

The secret to closing the intention-action gap in your fat loss goals can start with three easy steps!

To drop fat, too often we make things way too complicated…

  • Meals weighed and separated
  • Gym bag sitting by the door
  • Positive mantras read out loud first thing
  • Workday organized in your planner
  • And more steps…

Your entire day is mentally and structurally organized to keep you on track.

After all, you know that overeating is what is keeping you farther from your goal physique, and you’re tired of the process taking as long as it is.

But I get it. Overeating really is easy to stop (you just stop eating more than your body needs for your goals). Easy, right?

But it doesn’t feel easy. No matter how you structure the day, you’re on alert for possible triggers to overeat.

Being on alert for hours and clutching tightly onto your flawless schedule does the opposite of what you thought would happen when you packed your gym bag the night before… Your grip loosens and you lose control…

You’re mentally and physically taxed from the steady drip of anxiousness and worry that comes with anticipating an urge. At a certain point, you welcome the relief that an urge to overeat brings you.

But it’s not the food that provides relief, it’s letting go of that tight grip… going from feeling anxious anticipation to feeling NO anxious anticipation.

One of the things I teach in my Undoing Urges Weight Loss Program is recognizing your intention-action gap and how to feel relief without food.

The secret to closing the intention-action gap in your fat loss goals can start with three easy steps:

1 – Be deliberate with smaller amounts of food

2 – Save calories

3 – Couple what you’re eating with something pleasurable that isn’t food:

  • walk outside
  • text or call a friend
  • rub your temples and jaw line

What you’re doing is letting your body and mind recognize it’s okay to sustain non-eating activities as a form of stress-relief.

What a gateway like this allowed for you was to feel genuinely reassured and steady… An important step to being on your way to genuinely feeling fine around any kind of food.

fat loss goals

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