Lifestyle Train for Yourself and Ignore Negative Connotations

Never listen to what others are saying. Focus on yourself and train you body the way you feel!

Train for yourself

Love, Train, Win

Happy Easter Everyone! I wrote about weight loss in my last blog entry and it’s a subject that has come up frequently in the news with a negative connotation. I am talking specifically about body shaming particularly aimed towards women.

Although it may be hard to ignore if the critics are people you love and are supposed to love you, you must focus on yourself and ignore it. If you love yourself the way you are then that is all that matters. If you feel like you could lose a few pounds to tighten up those abs or glutes then find a certified personal trainer! He or she can select the exercises that you need to achieve your goals. And most importantly, trainer can demonstrate for you the proper execution of those exercises to avoid injuries.

Do it for yourself

If you decide to participate in a fitness program, do it for yourself! Here’s why: If you are doing it because someone else is pushing you, your motivation is not sustainable. Especially when training becomes difficult (and it always does).

To illustrate my point, imagine this: you wake up before sunrise to go for a run but it is cold or raining. Unless you are motivated to train for yourself to achieve that goal, you won’t take that first step.

If you are training for yourself, make it fun. It will be much more sustainable if you do. Whatever you ultimately decide, just do you. While no one is perfect, you are all great in some way.

God blessed you with a talent that you may or may not be aware of but you are all great and gifted in some way. You are great mothers, fathers, siblings, and spouses. You are great educators, police officers, fire fighters, athletes, and clergy. You are great marines, soldiers, airmen, sailors, and coast guardsmen and women. Whatever your occupation is, you are great. If you haven’t found your greatness keep searching and praying, eventually it will come.

Until then, focus on being true to yourself. Ladies you are beautiful and that is all that matters.

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