Wellness Mental Training: The Mind is Stronger than the Body

People ask me all the time how can performance psychology benefit me?

The short answer is your mind.

All commands must come from your brain before your body responds. Your brain is in charge of your body, not the other way around. If you think in your mind, I am tired, it hurts, or I can’t do it then that is exactly how your body is going to respond.

This is where mental training takes over and changes the way you think so your body can respond and perform at its optimal level. The best part is that you already have all the tools in your brain. All you need to do is program it for success!

The benefits that stretching provides your body are equivalent to what mental training does for your mind. Studies have shown that if you were to take two athletes of equal ability, the one who integrates mental training into their regimen will always beat out, the one that doesn’t.

Most professional athletes and Olympians are aware of this and they all integrate mental training into their regimen. However, performance psychology isn’t just for elite, professional athletes. Some champions are never written about in the media or seen on television but are right next to us or they are us! Performance psychology benefits the exercise enthusiast by taking them to the next level or even to a level that has been just outside of their reach. Even the novice exerciser benefits from this type of training allowing them to realize their fitness goals and move to the next level at a quicker pace.

Performance psychology also has benefits outside of the gym or workout arena. Clients I have worked with have reported to me that they have experienced success in some other aspect of their life as a result of their mental training. One client aced a job interview and was immediately hired while another who worked in a busy medical office with a large workload was able to control anxiety; focus more intently and as a result, became more efficient.

These effects were secondary and in addition to their fitness performance enhancement. If you do the work, you’ll develop mental toughness, mindfulness, confidence, and consistency among other traits and realize benefits you never thought possible.

Let me take you to the next level.

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