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body transformation progress

A total body transformation happens when you mix consistency with small steps of progress

Transformation begins with progress.

We talk about progress constantly. Progress is a concept of taking small steps in the right direction. These small steps begin with a coachable mindset and emphasize awareness of feeling better.

What happens when you mix consistency with these small steps of progress?

A total body transformation

total body transformation looks different for everyone. For some, a change requires mindful eating, food tracking, and regular accountability to a bodyweight scale. For others, a transformation radiates confidence by enhancing posture, strength, and functional performance. Regardless of how you define a total body transformation, we agree it begins with consistent progress.

Every member we work with experiences progress, as identified progress is our brand promise. Strategic movement guarantees progress since our bodies move by design. Extraordinary things happen both physically and psychologically when we breathe, move, and challenge our bodies safely.

Here are a few recent total body transformations from 21BOOM members. These types of changes require consistency and healthy eating. Check these out!

Shaunna was feeling sluggish, soft, and lacking the confidence she once had. Her solution consisted of setting a bodyweight goal, adhering to a strict meal plan, and achieving consistent strategic movement and cardiovascular exercise. Forty-one pounds later, Shaunna proudly posted the transformation. Her transformation included coaching because if you could do it independently, you would have done it already.

body transformation progress

Tony experienced a series of injuries that made his journey challenging. Sixteen months of consistent strategic movement and a focus on healthy eating and tracking provided astonishing results. Transitioning your body composition from 23% body fat to 14% changes everything.

body transformation progress

Lindsay made the transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to an active lifestyle by prioritizing her health. Her complete life transformation took 2.5 years, and the benefits are immeasurable, and they’ll last a lifetime. Dropping 45 pounds is dramatic enough, but we’re super excited to see her confidence and vitality soar.

You can see that Shaunna, Tony, and Lindsay committed to consistency. You’ll experience a total body transformation when you consistently commit to strategic movement, cardio, and healthy eating.

Stay Strong and Trust The Process!


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